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The Protein Fight Club – The Final Round with Protein-Packed Berry Burst Smoothie

I dont know about you but I’ve really enjoyed the last few weeks of sharing these posts about the great commercials of Milk Verse… Who knows maybe they’ll make it into a web game ala mortal kombat style.  But let’s bring it back to the basics… ...  [ read more ]

P&G’s Thank you, Mom campaign is celebrating Dads with My Dad is the #WorldsGreatest…

8472a64fc8a1117bfe138b82b5aa3796My dad has always been there for me – I hope he knows how much he has been an influence on my life. It’s sometimes hard to say Thank You and more often than not we all take the I Love You for granted. He is a true Modern Day Dad – we see a ball game once a year – do a couple of weekend trips together with my kids (his grand kids) it works… but whenever I say I need help or I need him to be there for me he always is… Thats why there’s a lot of what I do in Fatherhood thats copied after him.  Sure when I was younger and dumber I once answered a question about what type of dad do you want to be? with the answer of one that never needs to ask my child for help with technology – HA. I now know that answer – which is I want to be the dad, that my kids can always go to and for help/answers/anything! ...  [ read more ]

And then we were four… #DadsWay

DSC_8962Close to 2 months ago – March 29th – if dates matter to you my wife once again gave me the best present one could ask for a wonderful baby girl. We named her Harper Elle.

BAM – in that one moment the life that we had known as 3 became a life as 4… the concept of superhero only rooms and a lot of blue and green clothing became PINK – it really appeared like 4 minutes after she was born. ...  [ read more ]

White Picket Fence Lifestyle In The City

There is a place – in Manhattan — where life seems (God forbid!) suburban.  And my good friend lives there.
Is this a good thing? Yes.
Why? Because he has two young children.
Peter Cooper Village is a fascinating place.  Oversized apartments set in an 80-acre grassy park with abundant amenities and activities — and no guilt for he and his wife about raising children in the city.
Over the past month, he and his family have attended the annual Spring Carnival (total blast), the Dan Zanes concert (thanks, Dan: now Catch That Train has replaced Wheels on the Bus on permanent replay at his home) and outdoor screenings on The Oval Lawn with dozens of other children and their parents of baseball games (MLB Yankees & Mets) and movies like The Muppets Movie.  They play basketball, tennis and ping pong there.  Ride their bikes, hang out at the greenmarket and visit the numerous playgrounds as well as the children’s playroom.  The list goes on.  The bottom line is even if they were in the suburbs I can’t imagine such a complete family life as they have at Peter Cooper Village...  [ read more ]

Sears E-Coupon Books: Last Call

Shop Your Way Rewards, Exclusive Deals for Dec. 18th – 24th

What is the Coupon e-book and how can you get one?  It’s easy and it’s free!

It’s an online coupon book with 80+ in-store and online offers for SYWR (Shop Your Way Rewards) memberships only.  Shop Your Way Rewards is a loyalty program for Sears customers by providing rewards and benefits. Members are rewarded with custom offers throughout the year based on their shopping. Plus, you’ll enjoy sale notifications and a dedicated customer service call center. ...  [ read more ]