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Cheers to Dole Pineapple Juice

micro-landing-productWhen I was contacted to work on a sponsored post with Dole to talk about their Pineapple juice it took me less then a second to say yes. Why? I grew up on Dole Pineapple Juice – I typically have ordered it at many a weekend brunch.

As a kid I can remember making my own ice pops made of the giant cans of Dole Pineapple juice. As an adult it became the perfect mixer to many a fun night. Either way once the sun is shining I’m usually replacing OJ with Pineapple juice as my go to morning drink. ...  [ read more ]

Quick its the night before Thanksgiving and you need a dish help me The Wisest Kid!

large_27303Tis the night before Thanksgiving and everyone is asleep but you just noticed your heading to a family/friends place for Thanksgiving and bringing flowers or wine isnt enough… so I’m here to help you (well really Campbell’s soup is helping me help you but no matter) The Wisest Kid is here to help. ...  [ read more ]