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Mega Bloks Skylanders Giants Zeppelin Air Ship Assault

SkylandersIf you’re kid is 4 and older and even a little bit into video games theres a good bet they’re in love with Skylanders.  The characters are cool and most of them are heroes…ok maybe anti-heroes but still heroes.  Those little sculptures that interact with the game — dont really play nice with little kids – so the team at Mega Bloks solved that with these amazing play-sets.

Grab the cannon and take aim – Eye Brawl needs to shoot down an attacking Drow Zeppelin with Zeppelin Air Ship Assault by Mega Bloks Skylanders Giants. The buildable Drow Zeppelin is an aerial menace to Skylanderseverywhere. Eye-Brawl’s got his eye on it and needs to use his cannon to shoot the Zeppelin down to deal with the collectible translucent Troll Greasemonkey pilot.

Ideal for kids aged 5 and up.


How to win it… Contest ends 11:59pm EST. April 4th, 2013.
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Disclaimer: Mega Bloks supplied the prize for this contest and it is limited to the USA.