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Lionel Trains are ChoooChoooChoooing into the Holidays – Review & Giveaway

Lionel Trains have been a long standing favorite of mine for the holidays… I grew up going over to a family friend’s house to see their amazing train collection. I mean amazing it took up over 800 square feet of their basement, it was amazing! fast forward to these days when I have a toddler and no desire for him to smash anything collectible or of value.  Lionel does a lot of amazing things for the holidays, they’ve gone around and created popup shops in a few select locations. ...  [ read more ]

Quagmire ColorFusion (like hypercolor in the 80’s) Shirts for Kids available starting today – Giveaway

Quagmire ColorFusion shirts for kids available starting today at http://shop.quagmiregolf.com/ now if you grew up in the 80’s, you remember HyperColor bottom line this is really the cooler younger cousin. It’s got all the same principles but its uniquely cool for those that want something a little more formal (like a collar). ...  [ read more ]

The fight to have your child sit in the stroller ugg maybe they should just stand! Wheeled board review

Everyone once in a while Marc doesn’t want to sit in his stroller, that’s what we said before he turned two… now we’re seeing that more and more that he just doesn’t want to sit. In comes the Bugaboo Wheeled Board [Link] (or skateboard/wheelies as I usually call them) are usually designed to take a normal single stroller and make it work for two, one being a baby and a toddler who stands.  It just hit me if Marc doesnt want to sit, because no problem you can stand and just catch the ride while we’re pushing the stroller. ...  [ read more ]

Plum District is moving into town

You may never heard of PlumDistrict.com until this very moment – this startup from California is moving and expanding like wild fire, yup I know sorry for the terrible pun.  This week they’re kicking of New York City with a “Week of Treats.”  Each day this week will be featuring some of our parents’ favorite treats from neighborhoods around the city, and just to give you a sneak peek. ...  [ read more ]

Cool new looks from the brand new Threadless Kids! With 4 Giftcards to Giveaway!

We’ve been doing a little shopping as of late for Marc, its time to start thinking about Fall… its been a long summer and there have been plenty of ketchup dropped on his current lines of t-shirts. First let me admit I’m a jeans and t-shirt guy 90% of the time thats what you’ll find me in… Threadless [Link] filled a great need for me cool t-shirts at good prices and not ones that everyone and their mother have, but really cool unique designs… Now that back to school shopping is starting to get into full swing Threadlessannounces their new Kids line (CROWD GOES WILD!) [http://kids.threadless.com] following similar awesome designs the kids store opens with 12 new designs on top of the 12 classic designs that have been available for a little while. Parents can snag any tee, hoody, hoodsie, or onesie for the kiddos and get free shipping anywhere. Sizes will range from zero to three months all the way up to size 12. These also make awesome birthday gifts (I’m sure Marc will get one for his 2nd birthday coming up later this month). ...  [ read more ]

Don Draper always on time with these retro Skagen Denmark watches

Don Draper from Mad Men has swagger [Urban Dictionary] and he knows what to say at the right moment – which is all about timing. Actually one thing I can attest too is timing, timing is everything in life. You may be just a moment away from closing a business deal, but if you missed your train/subway then the whole deal is blown. Keeping track of time is key and well you might as well look good while keeping that time! ...  [ read more ]

Valentine’s Day: Prep Day 4 – Gift for the Kids

Kids are usual pretty easy on Valentine’s day – a stuffed animal (perhaps with the year) and some candy that they normally don’t get to eat and you’re done right? Nope. These kids are wanting more so here are some ideas.

For the babies…
Pajamas – every baby store sells something with a heart – its cute and fun (or funny). Take some photos all dressed up, so you can embarrass them in years to come. ...  [ read more ]