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Father’s Day first shave with Schick Hydro

IMG_3626Thanks to Schick Hydro® for sponsoring a series of post for Socialstars.

Father’s day is one of those days I like to make memories – If you have a son that is on the verge of shaving, I think that father’s day is a great day to make it a lasting memory.  Is there any day more about being a positive male role model?  There are only a handful of memories in a young mans life that will stay with him, then the first time they shave.

My friends at Schick, recommended that for the first time shaving you start them off with the good stuff of the Schick Hydro® which has five Ultra Glide® blades with Skin Guards that help reduce friction and reduce irritation.

First time shaving tips…

1) Shave after (or during a shower) the water helps to soften the hairs

IMG_36272) Use a shaving cream or gel

3) Go with the grain of your hair, not against it. If you go against it you’ll end up with razor burn or ingrown hairs.

4) There is no prize for rushing – take your time.

5) Remember to ease up on the pressure – the harder you push against your face the more likely you are to cut yourself (and when it does happen use a little piece of toilet paper to help stop the bleeding quicker).

IMG_36286) Change razors or blades frequently (this really depends on how tough your hair is and how quickly it grows back in).

7) Clean your face after you shave with soap and water.

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Don Draper returns… how does he get that clean save?! must be The Art of Shaving

Don Draper
Don Draper

Mad men, which is set in the 1960’s around the men (and women) of Madison Avenue who develop the art of spin and really what advertising is today. Is set to return for another season starting Sunday on AMC (check your local cable/satellite listings).  I love this show, first its total guy/dude/dad sprinkle in the women (who were still fighting for equal rights at the time this is set is clearly being shown). Beyond that its just awesome how much cooler things look then compared to now… yes I’m a total retro junkie but you know what everything was made better back then (heck even iphones were made better a year or two ago – lol [I’m an apple lover just needed to put it out there])… But really the cars built there are still running today, the furniture built then was solid like toss two toddlers on the desk and let them jump and not a dent – today you’d have two kids on the floor crying with splintered polyboard wood chips around them.

One thing I love about Don Draper is in the show which we’ve now reached mid-1960’s we only seen Don unshaven like once! So I gotta ask how does he get that amazing shave?! it must be the Art of Shaving, I’ll admit I’m not a razor user daily I’m really more of a once a week kind of guy… I like the stubble – my wife hates it.

I’ve used Art of Shaving products in the past – they really make shaving something a little retro and something very cool. I could never get as close with my electric razor then I can with a straight raiser and using some of the products in this art of shaving kit makes that shave last a little longer and get a lot closer because if you can raise the hairs, then you’ll cut them closer (which will help save off that 4 o’clock shadow a few hours longer).

Sure this could be your fake business card… or you can use

The Art of Shaving Fusion® Chrome Collection ProGlide™ Shave Set (SRP: $40)

Includes 8 Fusion ProGlide Power blade cartridges PLUS starter sizes of The Art of Shaving Pre-Shave Oil, Shaving Cream, Badger Shaving Brush, and After-Shave Balm. These products combine The Art of Shaving aromatherapy-based products, handcrafted accessories and expert shaving technique to guarantee optimal shaving results while relieving and preventing ingrown hairs, razor burn, tough beard and sensitive skin.  Here is a similar Art of Shaving Starter Kit – Unscented on Amazon [Link].

Also today starts the chance to get 20% off luxury shaving products from The Art of Shaving beginning tomorrow (July 22). Start by signing up for our email newsletter through the below link, and you will receive a special email which allows you to enjoy the discount, as well as other promotional offers from The Art of Shaving. https://www.theartofshaving.com/friendsfamily/

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