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Sesame Place what a great place for kids of all ages! Ticket Giveaway

This past weekend we took Marc to Sesame Place this was our first trip with him.  It was well under a two hour drive from New York City out to Langhorne, PA home of sesame place.  The ride was mainly uneventful other then a pit stop at a roadside Starbucks (truly the only drug of choice of my family). We arrived at the Courtyard Marriott Langhorne (the hotel and sesame place tickets were my birthday gift from my sister and father) checked in received our tickets to sesame place and waited all of 10 minutes for the next free shuttle bus to sesame place. Marc couldnt stop saying ELMO it was every 3 word out of his mouth it didnt help that the hotel lobby had a elmo cardboard cut out; that you could tell had been battered by the many kids that just came running up to it trying to give him a hug (yes, Marc was completely in that group too). ...  [ read more ]