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Radio Flyer wants to know How Do Your Children Roll?

Back-to-school season is officially here.  Do you remember the days when you were preparing to head back to elementary school after the lazy days of summer?  How did you roll back to the classroom? What was your back-to-school style?

Radio Flyer, the famous maker of the little red wagon, wants to help your kids roll back to school in style. ...  [ read more ]

Its time to street surf with the Whiplash

Summer is in full bloom in NYC as the weather has been in the high 90’s for a solid week plus now (thankfully it seems a little cooler at mid 80’s). Since Dada Rocks is about getting out and playing with kids (before I melt in this hot NYC weather)… Its time to break out the stuff for the older kids… Introducing the Whiplash , Its the Waveboard and a scooter mixed into one awesome new outdoor toy (sure if you have enough room like say Google Headquarters you can use it inside). ...  [ read more ]