Holiday Dads and Husbands Gift Guide 2014

Holiday Dads and Husbands Gift Guide 2014

The holiday season’s upon us, and as a dad and husband myself, I know what’s hot for those groups this year– so if you’re trying to sort through all the products out there and pick out a good present for your husband/help the kids pick out a present for dad, these are the ones you want. Let us help you figure it all out– check out our top picks for husbands’/dads’ gifts in 2014:


Philips Norelco S9311/87 Shaver 9300, $219.95

Give dad the gift of a clean shave– with the Philips Norelco Shaver 9300, Philips Norelco’s most advanced shaver yet. With the unique Contour Detect Technology, each shaving head independently moves in 8 directions to follow your face’s every curve. This improved contouring helps cut up to 20% more hair in a single pass. The newly designed V-Track Precision Blades collect hair in the optimal cutting position, resulting in a more comfortable shave that’s 30% closer! Each box comes with a full shaving kit, including the Shaver 9300, SmartClean system, cleaning cartridge, SmartClick precision trimmer, power cord, and travel case.


41qFp+YG-2LLomography Konstruktor Super Kit, $44.99

For the dad who’s into photography and building, the Konstruktor takes DIY to a whole new level. This camera kit lets you build your very own fully-working 35mm plastic SLR camera from scratch. This kit includes two amazing lenses that can shoot as close as 5cm to 15cm! The Konstruktor also includes a 50mm f/10 lens with shallow depth of field, perfect for portraiture. For quite an inexpensive price (especially for SLR cameras), the Konstruktor is a really cool gift for dad this holiday season!


71HTM501dyL._SL1500_ Martian Watches Notifier Smartwatch (Black), $114.11

The Martian Watches Notifier Smartwatch is an attractive, colorful analog wristwatch that works with select Android and Apple iOS phones. It features an integrated OLED readout that acts as a hands-free gateway to the world, keeping you well informed while your phone remains in a pocket, purse or backpack. Excellent for the dad who loves integrating tech into every facet of his life!




81GyVQkh-oL._SL1500_Samsung NX1 28.2 MP Wireless SMART Compact System Camera with 16-50mm f/2.0-2.8 “S” Lens

This holiday season, help dad take exceptionally detailed photos and videos–and share them easily with friends–using the Samsung NX1 28.2 MP Smart 4K Camera! This digital camera contains a 28.2-megapixel CMOS sensor and lets you record videos in 4K resolution, which is four times as detailed as Full HD. Fast auto-focus allows you to shoot continuously, while Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC capabilities let you connect to other devices. The bundle includes a 16-50mm lens, a grip, an extra battery, and an external charger.



71z7QuVZJiL._SL1200_Samsung UN60H6350 60-Inch 1080p 120Hz Smart LED TV

What dad doesn’t love watching some TV? Get your dad the best this holiday season– The faster and smarter Samsung H6350 Smart LED TV. An upgraded Smart Hub organizes your content to make finding what you’re looking for easier and more intuitive than ever. This TV is backed by a lightning-fast quad core processor, which reduces lag and accelerates load and smoother navigation.





overview_hero_heroMacBook Air, $899

The latest MacBook Air is perfect for dads who want convenience and style in their laptop experience. It’s the epitome of the sleek and efficient design Apple is known for, measuring in at 0.68 inches thick and only 2.38 pounds! And its 12-hour battery life ensures that dads on the go can take it anywhere without having to worry too much about charging. It’s a great pick that’s sure to put a smile on dad’s face this year.




 81hNGveV6fL._SL1500_OtterBox Cases, Prices Vary

Help dad protect his gadgets on the go– get him an OtterBox case! Whether you’re looking for protection from drops, bumps, shock, scratches, dust and debris, or even water damage, OtterBox has you covered (literally!) And don’t fret over wondering if there’s a case for dad’s particular phone… from iPhone 6 to Samsung Galaxy S5, LG G3, and more, OtterBox has cases for most major models available now.




dslr-led-ring-light-045c.0000001396198745Oh! Wow. Ring Light, $99.00

If you thought ring flashes were only for fancy photo shoots or for making circular reflections in sunglasses in rap videos, you thought wrong! Ring flashes are no longer reserved for big budget photogs. The Oh! Wow. Ring Light is a ring flash and constant light that fits your Canon or Nikon DSLR and your budget. Simply plug it into your hot shoe and pop it onto the front of your lens for even lighting with 3 brightness options. Since the light comes from all around your lens (and not just from above) it cuts down on harsh shadows, making the Oh! Wow. Ring Light perfect for portraits, indoor party pix, even macros. Switch to constant mode for shooting video. Or pop it off your camera and place it anywhere you’d like a little extra light. Get creative! Get fancy with your next photo shoot, or make circular reflections in sunglasses in your rap videos.


81BHp6bDXtL._SL1500_Blue Microphones Snowball USB Microphone (Brushed Aluminum), $48.35

Does dad want to start a podcast? This is the perfect microphone to get him! Finally, a USB mic that’s not only easy to use, but sounds as good on your desktop as it does in a professional recording studio. Meet the Snowball, the world’s first professional USB mic. Whether you’re recording a guitar at your kitchen table or a complete band in the studio, the Snowball can capture it with detail unheard of before in a USB mic. The Snowball is a direct plug n’ play mic that connects to either a Mac or PC – no additional software is needed. With its dual capsule design and unique three-pattern switch (cardioid, cardioid with -10dB pad and omni), the Snowball can handle everything from soft vocals to the loudest garage band and it’s ideal for podcasting. Check it out and you’ll see why it’s the coolest mic in town.


61d4yQznZpL._SL1000_Gecko Grip Gloves, $24.67

If you’ve got a grill, dad’s almost definitely the master of it– and though it’s not quite grilling season yet, I’m sure any dad would be thrilled to get some Gecko Grip Gloves this holiday season. The Gecko Gloves provide two handed protection against burns, are water proof even in boiling water, protect up to 425 degrees and unlike other gloves the Gecko Gloves retain their grip due to the textured surface. The Gecko Glove five fingered set of two gloves allows dad to handle entire whole chickens, hams, turkeys and roasts during and after cooking, to stop dropping food from the point of meat forks and prongs! Gecko Gloves replace your cloth oven mitts that aren’t water proof and never look clean after the first wash. Simply wash the Gecko Gloves with your dishes or in your dishwasher! They retain their vivid color and never lose their shape! Dad will surely love a pair of these!


71+LLugaeJL._SL1500_ThermoWorks Super-Fast Thermapen Instant Read Digital Cooking Thermometer, $96.00

While we’re on the topic of grilling and cooking, how about a good cooking thermometer for dad? The ThermoWorks Super-Fast Thermapen is a favorite among restaurant chains, health inspectors and quality managers worldwide.  The clever fold-away probe and the simple pocket design replace more costly and bulky handheld thermometers while using the same professional thermocouple technology. The Thermapen features a robust, splash-proof design with molded-in seals to protect the thermometer from wet hands and kitchen splashes. Even more accurate than before and slightly faster! Our proprietary circuit yields accuracies better than ±0.7°F. That includes all errors! (many competitors don’t include the probe error in their spec.) Each unit comes with a NIST-Traceable certificate of calibration showing test results for the individual thermometer. Resolution is now 0.1° over the full range. Improvements in the probe technology now yield a blazing fast speed of 3 seconds to a full temperature reading. NO CABLES! The components most likely to fail in a commercial thermometer are the cable and its connector. Also, the typical handheld meter and probe combination requires two hands. What do you do with the cable when you’re through with it? The competition want you to wrap it around the meter, which is time consuming and a natural trap for grime and bacteria! The one-handed Thermapen eliminates frayed cables, snags, germ traps and wasted time while freeing your second hand. It’s convenient, easy, and effective for dad to use– a great choice!


ml574bo_nb_14_iNew Balance Sneakers, Prices Vary

What dad doesn’t need a new pair of sneakers to replace the beaten-up old pair he’s wearing around? Get him some New Balance Sneakers this holiday season– whether built for running, outdoor, sports, or performance, these shoes will make dad’s day. You can even customize them to fit his exact style!



2313382_fpxPolo Ralph Lauren Classic-Fit Mesh Polo, $59.99

Also in regard to dad’s style, I’m sure he’d love a new polo shirt, especially a Classic-Fit Mesh Polo from Ralph Lauren! Available in a variety of colors, this polo is comfortable, fashionable, and a steal for $59.99 (down from $85.00) through January 15– get your dad one today!

Holiday Moms and Wives Gift Guide 2014

Holiday Moms and Wives Gift Guide 2014

The holiday season’s upon us, and as a dad and husband myself, I know it’s not always the easiest to sort through all the products out there and pick out a good present for your wife/help the kids pick out a present for mom. Let us help you figure it all out– check out our top picks for wives’/moms’ gifts in 2014:

black-fas-slate-01-sm._V325436165_Fire HD 7 Tablet, $114.00

If you’re looking for a new tablet for mom this holiday season, the Amazon Fire HD 7 Tablet is the one to pick! The Fire HD 7 comes packed with excellent features– front and rear facing cameras, unlimited cloud storage, a fast quad core processor (up to 15GHz!), and a great selection of digital content– that are sure to make it a staple of everyday life for mom. Pick one up today and make the 2014 holiday season her best ever!



81U5ubdCU+L._SL1500_Samsung NX Mini EV-NXF1ZZB4HUS Wireless Smart 20.5MP Compact System Camera with 2.96-inch LCD (White), $539

Want the customization and quality of a DSLR with the on-the-go simplicity of a pocket digital camera? Samsung’s NX Mini is the world’s slimmest and lightest interchangeable lens camera, giving you great quality images with rich color, without compromising portable design. The large 1-inch 20.5MP BSI CMOS Sensor delivers shots which are bursting with sharp detail even in low light. The ultra slim & light design with a solid premium metal body makes the NX mini is exquisitely modern with just the perfect touch of analogue. And if you’re big on social media interaction (who isn’t these days?) the camera’s Smart Wi-Fi features let you share a just a quick touch!


61-kGdREtPL._SL1000_Keurig K550 2.0 Brewer (Black), $174.99

What mom doesn’t love (and deserve) a good cup of coffee in the morning? The Keurig K550 2.0 Brewer allows you to brew larger amounts of coffee than a standard Keurig, so there’s plenty for mom to share too (maybe!) This coffeemaker puts your preference first, allowing you to brew over 250 varieties of beverages, including coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and more. This high tech coffeemaker also includes a large customizable color touch screen display. The standard kit includes a 4 cup starter carafe, 4 k-carafe packs, 6 KCup packs and 2.0 Water filter starter kit with one filter– everything you need to start brewing right out of the box!


71l5eM53K4L._SL1500_Dyson DC59 Motorhead Cordless Album, $420.11

The Dyson DC59 Motorhead is the latest Dyson Digital Slim cordless vacuum. It out-cleans most full-size vacuums across hard floors and carpets– without the hassle of a cord! In addition to its awesome cordless technology, the Motorhead also has a direct-drive motor in the cleaner head (hence its name). It generates 75% more brush bar power than Dyson’s DC59 Animal, and its centralized weight pushes the nylon bristles deeper into the carpet to remove ground-in dirt. The cleaner head also has rows of ultra-fine, anti-static carbon fiber filaments to remove fine dust from hard floors. And because there’s no belt needed to drive the motor, the entire width of the cleaner head can be used for cleaning – increasing coverage. As an added bonus, the Dyson DC59 Motorhead comes with additional tools for specialized cleaning– mom’s sure to love one this holiday season!


V420883The Pillow Talk Tank Pajama, $39.50

Perfect for when it’s time to kick back and relax, the supersoft crossback top and pj pant of our Pillowtalk Tank Pajama set are cute, comfy and just right for late-night—or all day—lounging. Glam graphics and punchy prints will make this duo your wife’s favorite way to unwind. The supersoft cotton pj pants and tank top combo also comes with  a matching eye mask to make naptime even more relaxing for the woman you love. Surprise her this holiday season with a set of these pajamas and the gift of an afternoon or evening off– she’ll be thrilled!



U3550_copy_2_largeHelen Ficalora “Mom” Disk Charm with Diamond, $205-215

A sweet gift for mom from the kids, the Helen Ficalora “Mom” Disk Charm with a Diamond comes in three varieties– 14K yellow gold, 14K white gold, and 14K pink gold– so you can pick the one that matches mom’s style the best! Just one of the wide array of Helen Ficalora Must-Haves, this charm would fit perfectly on a necklace or accent bracelet, and looks elegant and amazing whichever way mom chooses to wear it!



13071380KitchenAid Artisan Design Series 5 Qt Stand Mixer, $299.99

Just what mom needs in the flurry of holiday cooking, the KitchenAid Artisan Designer Series stand mixer performs various functions, from whipping to blending. This stand mixer has 10 speed settings, which can be adjusted as per the requirement. It has a 5-quart glass bowl, in which your food is processed to perfection. The included accessories like dough hooks, whisk and flat beaters enhance the functionality. The KitchenAid 325-watt stand mixer has a tilt-back head that lets you access the mixture easily. This mixer has a non-slip base that provides maximum grip during its operation. Some of its parts are dishwasher safe, so maintenance will be a snap!



groovebooksGroovebook Photo Albums, $2.99 per book

Does your wife take a ton of cell phone photos? Groovebook is an app that prints up to 100 of your mobile photos every month, creates a beautiful 4.5″ by 6.5″ photo album  from them, and mails it to you! Photos are printed on glossy paper, and each page is perforated for easy removal. You can choose which photos get used (and how many of each) and after your selection, receive your Groovebook in the mail within 10-12 days! You’ll never need to go to the store for professional-looking prints again!



s1562149-main-hero-300 (1)Sephora Favorites Rollerball Collection for Her, $85.00

The Sephora Favorites Rollerball Collection for Her is a collection of some of Sephora’s most popular women’s scents, each one enchanting, stylish, and luxurious. Inside this box, you’ll find five samples, including some of our most sought-after women’s fragrances plus a stylish Beauty Pouch. Choose your favorite, and then take the included scent certificate to any US Sephora store to redeem for a full-size bottle of your favorite featured fragrance at no extra cost! It’s a great way for your wife to sample some of Sephora’s best before picking her new favorite!



heroSpaWeek Gift Cards, $25, $50, $100, or Choose Your Own

What mom doesn’t deserve some pampering from time to time? Give her the gift of wellness this holiday season with a gift card from! Available in whatever denomination you choose, SpaWeek’s gift cards are accepted at over 8000 locations nationwide– so mom can choose just where to take her day off!




logo2Wine of the Month Club, Prices Vary

Specializing in value-oriented wines, the Wine of the Month Club is open to anyone who has an appreciation of fine wine and is interested in a monthly wine club service.  They offer quality wine delivered to your door, guaranteed!
The search for wine club selections never ends. Each month they taste over 400 Italian wines, German wines, California wines, Argentinean wines, Chilean wines, and wines from all the other regions of the world—and just two are selected to represent the best wine values in the world. This holiday season, give your wife a membership to the Wine of the Month Club, America’s favorite wine club.


gourmet-cheese-of-the-month-clubGourmet Cheese of the Month Club, $33.95/mo.

A perfect pairing with the Wine of the Month Club, a subscription to the Gourmet Cheese of the Month Club will give your wife a tasty cheese in the mail every month! Every month, the club sends you three approx. ½ lb. Artisan Cheeses, as well as a monthly newsletter with detailed tasting notes, cheese profiles, cheesemaker histories, and serving suggestions. The Gourmet Cheese Club offers a variety of traditionally made, farmhouse cheeses from around the world every month, delivering hand-cut selections that have been carefully tended and aged directly to your door!



logoA Vacation Through

Surprise your wife this holiday season with a great getaway! Whatever exotic location you’ve got in mind, has you covered– and for a great price too! Browse their hot deals for a last minute sale or choose your own vacation destination and book in advance… either way, will help you find the best deals out there.



51PSk07lzqL._SL1500_PowerBeats2 Wireless In-Ear Earphones (Pink), $199.00

As earphones engineered for athletes, PowerBeats are the only Bluetooth enabled earphone designed to deliver premium sound on the court, in the gym, or on the streets. Stylish and functional, mom will love some PowerBeats to wear while working out or running– get her a pair of them this holiday season!



717WWq0PXzL._SL1500_Dyson AM05 Hot + Cool Fan Heater (Blue), $319.00

A great choice for keeping the temperature in mom’s room just right, the Dyson Hot + Cool fan heater provides the fastest whole room heating in winter and high velocity air to cool in summer. It uses Air Multiplier technology to amplify surrounding air for long-range heat projection and to produce powerful airflow for personal cooling. There are no blades – just an uninterrupted stream of smooth air. In heater mode, two PTC ceramic plates heat the air as it’s projected into the room. These plates never exceed 392-DegreeF, so they don’t burn dust and there’s no worrying burning smell. The temperature can be set to the degree, from 33F to 99F and the airflow velocity can be precisely adjusted – either at the base of the machine or from the remote control, which attaches to the machine magnetically. The Dyson Hot + Cool fan heater draws in up to 6 gallons of air per second, generating high airflow and air velocity, for improved personal cooling. The machine cuts out automatically if it’s tipped over and there are no visible heating elements or blades. Both visually appealing and effective, the Dyson Hot+Cool fan heater is a perfect pick for mom this holiday season.


DSC_4131-2A Photo Session With Suzanne Cohen Photography, Prices Vary

Near and dear to my heart, Suzanne Cohen Photography is a great choice for your family’s holiday photo session– and what better gift is there for mom than gorgeous and high-quality pictures of her family? Suzanne uses her unique perspective to capture even the smallest moment transcending a stunning portrait that will be cherished and admired through time.  Using New York City as her backdrop, Suzanne uses her photoshoots to capture her clients, big and small, in a natural and beautiful state. If you’re in the New York City area and want some family photos for mom this holiday season, Suzanne Cohen Photography is the place to go!