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Father’s Day Gift Idea: Kodak Pulse Digital Frame Review and Giveaway

There is a ton of great items about to hit dadarocks over the next week but I’m really excited to talk about this… Kodak over the course of this week is running a great Facebook event where people can upload pictures of their dads or their kids dads (get it perhaps your husband father to your children). Those photos will be shown on the Kodak.com homepage and on Kodak’s Times Square Billboard in New York City. Check out this Facebook event page http://kodak.ly/shareDad and just upload a picture. This isn’t a contest, there are no prizes, but kodak will be selecting 100 to 200 photos for the kodak.com homepage and then some of those will be on the Kodak billboard in Times Square on Father’s Day – which is pretty cool. ...  [ read more ]

Outside fun with the Bubble Twister and Junkball Review and Giveaway

There are two things about spring and summer that I love its finally time to get outside and play. This spring was pretty lackluster in NYC as it was raining most of the time but now summer is around the bend the sprinklers are in the park and its a great time to get outside and play. In my mind there are many great outdoor play games… ...  [ read more ]

The Backyardigans: We Arrrr Pirates DVD Review and Giveaway

The Backyardigans are setting sail with four exciting pirate adventures on this brand new DVD, The Backyardigans: We Arrrr Pirates [Amazon].  Preschoolers will learn to mambo with Sinbad and become heroes when they rescue King Pablo and his knights from the No-So-Nice Dragon.  Created by Nickelodeon Home Entertainment and distributed by Paramount Home Entertainment, The Backyardigans: We Arrrr Pirates DVD hits shelves March 8, 2011, for the suggested retail price of $16.99. ...  [ read more ]

The Maclaren Beatles Yellow Submarine Stroller – Review and Giveaway

I’m a mega-super mega fan of The Beatles, I grew up listening to their music… I grew up going to their concerts (well the remaining beatles that is…) there wasn’t anything in the baby market of strollers that really was cool for Dad until I saw this… When the Maclaren first released the Beatles Yellow Submarine stroller [Amazon] I was drooling… I had an older Maclaren, that I put it through hell – I mean this stroller was abused – we took it around to EVO Conference in Salt Lake, to Texas, to Florida, to over place we drove – its still around being no worst for the wear.  So when I got this stroller and said go test it… I was like a kid in the candy store – I beat on this stroller beyond the normal use… Its even become the stroller I’ve used this winter pushing in to snow banks, sheets of ice and its still awesome! ...  [ read more ]

Disney on Ice Princess Wishes review and giveaway

I was able to see the new Disney on Ice: Princess Wishes at Madison Square Garden. When I think ice shows I think horrible costumes with sequins, bad music and ice skating moves that I can do. Well I couldnt do most of these moves the sequins where limited to the princesses and the music was the fabulous selections from the Disney movies each princess came from. ...  [ read more ]

The Ohmies – NYC Show for Kids Review & Giveaway

I love nothing more then taking my child Marc to see a show that is totally different then anything he’s seen before.  This is totally true of the Ohmies, we’ve done rock concerts, we’ve done the stage characters in full dress-up, we’ve done the puppets but we haven’t really done a broadway type show.  Thats just what this is, its got song, dance, adults dressed as bugs, dogs, snakes, and a bunch of other critters that I cant really recall.  I loved how they tie some yoga into the show, and how interactive it was for the kids. ...  [ read more ]

Celebrate National BUBBLE BATH Day with Pocoyo + Friends! Giveaway

Yup you heard right today’s national bubble bath day – thankfully your wife isnt going to kick you out of the house for forgetting… but the kicks might be extra cranky without that quality bath time. I’ve already written about how I do most the bathing in my house, well until my wife thinks my son smells like a gym locker room bag – which translates to you’re doing a bad job now step it up with the scrubbing. One thing I’ve learned is that toys in the tub and playtime is an important part to bathing a toddler, cause its about time in the tub the longer they stay wet the more likely it is that I can clean him. ...  [ read more ]

Men of a Certain Age: The Complete First Season Review and Giveaway

Getting old sucks, button line… being a dad is mostly awesome… but then you start to figure things out all those al bundy like characters shown on TV dads suck. So you start looking for better examples and better TV – I was turned on to Men of a Certain Age after season 1 had ended and I never got to see an episode.  I started seeing promo for season two that wraps up this week on TNT but you can always catch up on season to via the TNT website and thanks to Chevy its commercial free. ...  [ read more ]