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Average American Child Under 10 Gets $1,360 per Year in Allowance, Bribes, Rewards and Gifts from Parents

teethA new survey has revealed that the average American child under the age of 10 is handed $1,360 per year by their parents, either as allowance, rewards for good behavior or achievements and bribes to ‘be good’.  

A leading coupon brand has revealed that the average child under the age of 10 in the US receives $1,360 per year, or the equivalent of $113 per month, from their parents in the form of allowance, bribes to get them to behave better and rewards for good behavior or achievements.

The survey, conducted by www.vouchercloud.net, was part of the company’s wider research into money management amongst young people, to investigate at what age citizens become financially astute and independent. 2,174 respondents took part in the survey, all of whom had children who were between the ages of five and ten years old at the time of the study.

The respondents were initially asked “Do you give your child money regularly?” to which the majority, 71%, confirmed that they did. The survey then asked the parents to state what they tended to give their children money for and asked them to select all relevant answers from a list, which revealed the following top five answers:

  1.  Monthly allowance – 77%
  2.  Rewards for good behavior/achievements – 61%
  3.  Bribes to make them behave/be good – 55%
  4.  Special occasions (birthday, Christmas) – 46%
  5.  In exchange for chores – 44%

The survey then sought to establish how much money children under the age of 10 receive from their parents each month, for whatever reason, which revealed an average answer of $113.00 per month; or $1,360 per year.

All relevant respondents were asked “How do you feel about the amount of money that you give to your children?” to which two thirds, 65%, stated that they would rather give their child less money. These parents were then asked why they gave their child more money than they would like to, to which the majority (45%) stated that they feel ‘in competition with other parents’. A quarter (24%) confirmed that they ‘don’t want to disappoint’ their child, while a further 17% stated that their child ‘likes expensive things and needs enough to buy them’.

“It’s difficult to dictate to a parent how much money they should or shouldn’t give to their children. The Mom and Dad know best but, to an outsider, $1,360 seems an awful lot of money for a kid that’s not even in the double digits yet! Children might want expensive things, but they also need to learn that they have to earn them and be patient!”

“A lot of the time, when parents spend substantial sums of money on the children, it suggests they feel guilty or are trying to make up for something, perhaps a busy work schedule or they have spent less hours in the home than they’d like. Money really isn’t the most important thing and, although of course you don’t want your children to fall behind the other kids in the schoolyard, quality time is the most important thing. If you’re playing with them, nine times out of ten they won’t care if they are playing with an iPad or a yo-yo.”

Parenting Struggles? There’s an APP for that!

3 General - 1 Kiddie's world sleeping and openingshot - Kiddie AppAs a dad of a three year old boy and one on the way, the wife and I decided it was time to get the little guy potty trained before his sister joined the party.  That being said, like most 3 year olds Brady is a very stubborn kid, so we knew we were about to endeavor on a challenging journey.  Wow were we wrong and that’s for one reason, the Kiddie App!

As you know, there are literally millions of mobile apps with little purpose or value, but the same can’t be said for the Kiddie App.   We scoured the iTunes App store searching for potty training tips and that’s when we realized there is no app out there that covers bedtime, dinner time and potty training – all in one.

Every parent has a difficult time coping with the challenges of raising toddlers, especially when it comes  the dreaded potty training, but now Kiddie App provides parents with a fun and educational tool to make everything a bit easier.

The app is jam-packed with interactive stories and sing-a-long songs which will help children learn the desirable behaviors.  Best of all, using the Reward Charts can motivate your toddler and at the same time, we were able to share their progress with family and friends on Facebook.

Best of all, the app itself is FREE and you can buy a few additional stories for a few bucks!

Any parent, that’s about to enter the world of potty training should definitely check out Kiddie App!

Win a 3 month supply of Huggies Diapers and tips on how to keep up with your little movers

One of the things you get really quickly when you have a baby is just how much work goes into taking care of them – you also never know just how many diapers you’ll go through in a given day.  Let me tell you – its A LOT! Here’s Laila Ali’s tips for how to keep up with your little ones.

10 Tips to Keep Up with Little Movers: By Laila Ali

1. Get moving! Finding time to hit the gym isn’t always easy with a baby at home, so find ways to incorporate aerobic activity into your day. Walk to the library or supermarket whenever possible, and be sure to get your toddler out of his or her stroller so they can walk some of the way, too. If walking to your destination isn’t an option, park the car far from entrances or take the stairs instead of the elevator!

2. Surround yourself with support: From sharing parenting advice to all those special “firsts” in your baby’s life, connecting with other parents is a great way to surround yourself with needed support. Huggies® Brand is helping Parents all over the country come together by teaming up with Meetup, the world’s largest online network of local groups, to host 60 “Keep-Up Meetups” from January – March. “Keep-Up Kits” will be given away to help Meetup Parents keep up with their Little Mover!

3. Laugh! From spit-up to the spilled milk, don’t be afraid to laugh off the silly situations. Laughter really is the best medicine – relieving stress, and burning extra calories! Remember, parenting is never perfect so next time you find yourself in the middle of that messy diaper change don’t let yourself stress – instead let out a loud laugh!

4. Accept a Helping Hand! For a first time Parent, it’s hard to realize you really can’t do it all. Keeping up with your Little Mover all day can be exhausting! When feeling overwhelmed and ready to pull out your hair, it is ok to admit to yourself that you really could use that extra helping hand. Accept your family’s or friend’s offer to come over and keep your Little One entertained for a couple of hours. Don’t second guess this decision, be grateful and accept the favor because you deserve it (and others relish the time with your little bundle of joy)!

5. Don’t Forget to Sleep! Between the late night feedings and round the clock diaper duty, it may seem impossible to get more than a couple hours of shut-eye. To keep from feeling like you are going to fall asleep while at the stroller wheel, try to fit in a nap during the day while your baby snoozes and for the working Parent, ensure you head to bed as soon as possible once the little ones are tucked snuggly in their beds. Teaming up with your partner and switching off middle-of-the-night feedings and diaper changes can also save you from exhaustion!

6. Take up a hobby: Setting aside time to work on something you enjoy can help clear your mind and leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Don’t be afraid to try out different hobbies until you find the one that fits your schedule and interests. If your hobby is one that can include your Little One, do it this can make for some very special bonding time!

7. Stay Organized: Organization is key to keeping stress to a minimum! From making sure the diaper bag is prepared prior to that long car ride or day at the playground, staying organized and scheduling your day can help you stay calm, cool and collected.

8. Reward yourself: Parents deserve rewards for all that they do on days other than Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. What’s even better is getting kickbacks on items they already purchase – like diapers! This season, enjoy a winning code in every pack of Huggies® Little Movers diapers to cash in for prizes like Starbucks gift cards and iPods! Submit each on-pack code online at Huggies.com to win.

9. Take a break! Be committed to taking regular breaks away from your children. It’s easy to brush off the importance of “me time” but it’s a must to keep you at your best – whether it’s taking a walk, reading a book or going for a drive, “me time” cannot be underestimated!

10. Remember to Treasure those “Aww-Inspired” Moments: Last but certainly NOT least, remember to sit back and enjoy the ride of a lifetime – parenthood! From sharing photos of your Little One rocking Huggies® Little Movers diapers on the Huggies Facebook page, to connecting with other parents on the Huggies Twitter page, remember to treasure each parenting moment!

If you’re looking for some huggies coupons check this link.  If you’re looking for more energy – sorry we’re looking for that too and if you have a baby – just wait for them to become toddlers.


How to win it… Contest ends 11:59pm EST. April 14th, 2011.
Leave a comment below with what size huggies your child wears and please include some method for us to contact you in the comment (twitter or email).
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Example: I want to win a 3 month supply of @huggies from @dadarocks – http://dad.tc/g3JmL6

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You will have 24 hours to reply before we pick another winner!
Disclaimer: Thanks to Huggies for providing the 3 months supply of coupons for which the winner will purchase the diapers in the size they need.

Got Milk? Enter to win a years worth of milk

Being a parent there are certain things you’re going to have to buy diapers and milk.  Neither comes cheap and neither are used sparingly. There are points post breast milk, post formula that I was going to the store more then once a week to pickup a gallon of milk.  I’m sure I’m not alone… This week we’re taking care of the Milk for one lucky fan, who knows maybe next we’ll take care of the diapers (yah thats not such a subtle hint at whats to come).

Let’s get to the details we’ve got

  • 3 x Reusable latté sleeves
  • 3 x Cereal bowls
  • 3 x Insulated to-go cups (w/ lid and straw)
  • 1 x Coupon booklet for a year’s worth of free milk (well its 52 gallons but since its almost april you need to use coupons before 1/31/12 so it’s not really a year – just 52 gallons!)

Each coupon is for $4 (off a gallon of milk) which on many brands would make it free.  AWESOME GIVEAWAY?! right – I know. Let’s just quickly do some math $4 times 52 equals 208 dollars we’re saving you.

If you want to learn more about milk (sure you may want to know about all those great vitamin D facts like…) Milk is one of the few food sources of vitamin D. In fact, it’s the leading source of vitamin D in the American diet. The recommended three 8-ounce glasses of lowfat or fat free milk provide 75 percent of the daily value for vitamin D. Milk also provides eight other essential nutrients, including calcium, potassium and vitamin A, which many Americans also lack.

Research shows that nine out of 10 Americans are missing key nutrients.  To help close this nutrient gap, Milk has launched an education initiative to encouragepeople to “Pour One More” serving of milk for their families every day.

Want to give back the Milk Mustache Campaign Facebook page –http://www.facebook.com/MilkMustache – where people can “Pass a Glass” to friends through April 11th (for every glass passed, $1 goes to Feeding America for their hunger relief efforts).


How to win it… Contest ends 11:59pm EST. April 2rd, 2011.
Leave a comment below with who drinks milk in your family and please include some method for us to contact you in the comment (twitter or email).
You get 1 extra entry for tweeting about this contest (you can do this daily). Must contain the following information: @MilkMustache @dadarocks – http://dad.tc/hKwE8z  and you must also comment with the link to your tweet.

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You get 1 extra entry for becoming our FAN on facebook – www.facebook.com/dadarocks You must comment that you’re a fan.

You get 1 extra entry for becoming their FAN on facebook –www.facebook.com/MilkMustache (and leave a note saying that www.dadarocks.com sent you) You must comment that you’re a fan.

You will have 24 hours to reply before we pick another winner!
Disclaimer: Milk for this contest was provided by Got Milk.

Pull-Ups.com livestream of Potty Dance Day (March 5) and Giveaway

Pull-Ups is having an awesome event coming up very soon. On March 5, we are celebrating Potty Dance Day and across the United States there will be many different Potty Dance Parties.As a part of this speciail day you will also be able to Watch Ralph’s World perform the Potty Dance live in concert and learn the moves while attending a Potty Dance Party in cities across the country. Click on a city below to sign up to attend an event near you!

Not nearby those cities try… doing it online Saturday, March 5, 2011; 11:30am EST – 12:30pm EST Tune in at www.Pull-Ups.com at 11:30am EST for a special LIVE streamed concert from children’s music group, Ralph’s World, where they’ll be performing The Potty Dance RSVP: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=194691407223626&index=1

Here’s some quick Q&A for tips

Q. My child was having potty training success but suddenly decided that he/she no longer wants to use the potty. How can we get back on track?
A. A child may begin to demonstrate a power struggle with a parent, where the child wants to take control of the potty training process. Consider taking a break from mentioning the potty training to your child, and focus on other developmental milestones. You may find that your child takes control of the situation on his/her own altogether and has consistent potty training success.

Q. My child has no interest in potty training. What we can do to get him/her interested?
A. Some children, even at the age of 3, just aren’t ready to begin the potty training process. Try looking for your child’s cues on when they might be ready, as there really is no magic age for beginning the process, and consider beginning potty training at that point. It may even take the encouragement of a grandparent, teacher or other mentor to get your tot motivated.

Q. What can my family do to make potty training less stressful and more fun for my child?
A. You can begin making the process more light-hearted from the get-go simply by ensuring your approach isn’t so serious. Celebrate your child’s achievements by dancing or providing them a reward, like stickers or candy, and have a good time. Although potty training can be hard work, try to relax, avoid putting pressure on yourself and your child, and trust that success will happen eventually.

Pull-Ups Online Potty Training Tools

Now its time for the giveaway…

Giveaway prize includes:

  • Pull-Ups coupons
  • 5 Enjoy the Ride Rewards bonus points
  • Potty Dance mat
  • Potty training DVD
  • Coloring sheet

To enter the giveaway comment below with your Potty Training Question… 2 lucky winners will win this cool prize pack plus their question answered by Jen Singer the creator of MommaSaid.net YAH!

Fall back into safety II: safe guarding the home office

One thing I remember the most about watching Marc grow up was how many times I was told to deal with the wires of my computer.  Since we dont a home office my computer is in the living room which made it an easy target for our toddler.  I used lots of make shift tools/methods to protect my computer (I mean toddler 😛 ).  Of course my thought was to cover the open outlets in the power strip, I also put a piece of cardboard in front of the wires but behind the tables legs which worked wonders till he was old enough to actually move the cardboard enough to expose the wires… I totally admit that I sucked and I finally caved and did a ton of wire management, my wife simply opted for the purchase of a new iMac because there is only 1 card from wall to computer (she’s the smart one).  This is one of those dont do as I do but do as I say… or in this case as Kimberlee says…

Q:   How do I childproof the electrical wires in my home office?

A:   Today’s home is full of electrical hazards.  We have cell phones, PDA, iPhones, iPods, laptops, ear pieces, you name it! They all require an electrical charge which means they all have danger wires which can be strangulation hazards and electrical hazards.  It’s important for parents to keep these devices up high and away from our little ones who will spot a cord from their low vantage point and pull down on it out of curiosity.  Make sure your charging station if high up enough so baby can’t reach it.

I recommend that parents deem the home office an “off limits” room because there are so many hazards in there.  Many city folks don’t have that luxury of space and have to set up their home office in the main living quarters where the baby will have access.  One of my favorite childproofing products for childproofing the office area is the Safety 1st Power Strip Cover.  We’ve been using this for years as it’s the biggest one and can fit all the big bulky plugs inside and then closes up tight so your little ones can’t get in.  Next, replace your existing outlet faceplate on the wall with a Safety 1st Swivel Outlet Cover and plug in the power strip.

**SAFETY ADDED TIP: Replace all outlet covers in nursery (don’t forget the one behind the crib) as well as the main play area where you spend time with your child – push plugs work if they have a snug fit however it’s easy to forget to put them back in once removed.

Any exposed wires that cannot be moved and are within your child’s reach should be covered (i.e. under the desk, a lamp, etc.) with the wire covering. Safety 1st Wire Hider

is a great way to “erase” these wires from your baby’s view eliminating the safety hazard that wires can pose. It’s easy to install with the included double sided adhesive tape and you can use as many of the 16” covers you need to hide dangerous wires – we’ve used them along the baseboard or even up a wall to hide wires.

**ADDED SAFETY TIP: Also, great for hiding baby monitor and lamp wires in nursery.

Fall back into safety: secure your washer & dryer

Coming back from summer its time to fall back into better habits, and child safety is always one that we can use a little help remember and brushing up.  I’ve wanted to give both moms and dads some great safety tips but who am I? I’m certainly no safety expert – there are people who are just that safety experts so let me introduce you to Kimberlee Mitchell with Safety 1st Pros [Link].

Our first stop is the washing room why because its a room I long to have since I dont in my apartment but really its one of the easiest rooms to overlook in the house, its not as simple as stairs and certainly its one of the quickest room you forget about closing the door if you’re in a rush with your hands full of clothing.

After that I got some questions and answers with Kimberlee that I’ll share with the other videos as well…

Q: What myth about childproofing would you like to prove incorrect?

A: Childproofing is not as simple as some might think. Perhaps parents set out to childproof and then get stuck when they encounter a safety conundrum – aka a safety hazard that is not easily eliminated with a store bought child safety device due to device not fitting and working the way it should. The DIY boom has welcomed many new brands, products, designs, etc. into the marketplace making it fun to remodel but impossible for any one child safety device to meet a common household danger like a knob cover, drawer latch, toilet lock, safety gate, etc.

Then they get stuck and postpone “fixing” the hazard until they can come up with a better solution.  Times flies, busy parents forget and injury occurs.

Safety 1st Pros are a team of mobile child injury prevention professionals who conduct house calls to help parents who need a helping hand to childproof the home. We have a unique talent for solving in-home child safety conundrums due to our specialized hands-on and in-class training plus more than 5,000 childproofed homes under our belt.  This combined with the in-depth child safety education that we offer our customers undoubtedly sets us apart from regular handymen or layman do-it-yourselfer.   We are far more than handymen and women!.  We are the Safety 1st Pros

Toddlers on a plane – a great sequel to snakes on a plane

What do I do with a purple cartoon backpack?!

For the better part of the last two weeks we’ve been traveling at some point or another. Its been pretty clear that worst part of traveling as a family is getting in long plane rides. There is limited ways around this, you could drug your kids (I think most of us wish that was cool but its usually not!), have a short enough flight were it feels like a car ride – like a hopper flight from NYC to Rochester, you can pack up a sweet to go back for a kiddo with games, books and TV/DVDs in our case it was an iPad loaded with dozens of his favorite shows.  Still that wasnt enough to stop the dreaded Toddler on the Plane… I honestly felt for the kids in front of us – thankfully their father had the foresight to place his two teenage sons where he was supposed to be siting (I really was holding in the laughter at the scene where he explained to them why he needed to sit with their sister).  In the end I’m sure those kids where saying lines that only Samuel L Jackson could truly pull off.

So if there is a movie producer out there looking for sequel to Airplane with some spicy Samuel L Jackson lines give me a call 😛 cause seriously don’t we all love that screaming baby on a plane (just sucks when its your kid who’s doing the screaming).

On the bright side for those who think we do a lot of traveling Marc is about to turn 2 in August which means we need to purchase a seat for him to fly with us…  I highly doubt we’ll be doing as much traveling with him when he costs us another 300-400 dollars to get some place. I’ll apologize now to all grandmothers and great grandmothers and great grandfathers because this will limit our traveling plans (ALOT).

Traveling with a baby or toddler is rough as we had to fly with a car seat, a stroller, and a bag full of diapers/wipes/milk bottles and dozens of other things you NEED to have… add the extra clothes that need to be split between the two check bags and now we’re also pushing bag weight limits. This really reminds me of all those National Lampoons Vacation movies or maybe the home alone where they wake up late for the flight and need to rush out of their home forgetting one thing or another (child). Really its how it is – STRESS to a different level between needing to take your child’s shoes off at security or have them test the milk it really could make one snap – add a screaming toddler for long periods of time maybe that’s why MamaDrinks and DadsGoneFishing could be such popular sites or topics.