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Four generations – isnt that a special thing

Its not everyone who gets to put a smile on their grandparents face by simply walking in the door.  I am no longer the cause of the smiles which is ok (kind of), but their smiles now come from their great-grandchild Marc. I always love spending time with both sides of my grandparents, but there is this special bond I share with my grandfather maybe because we look a like see the mini me post, if you need photographic proof. ...  [ read more ]

Dealing with the family thats under the weather

It sucks to be under the weather, it sucks for your wife/partner to be under the weather, it sucks even more to have your kid(s) be under the weather, and the worst is when more then one member of the family is sick.

With the change of seasons this is more then likely to be case these days.  I know it hit our house two weeks ago and I doubt we handled it well. I’m thinking that next time around we need a better plan because one sick person should make 2 other sick before they’re even better. ...  [ read more ]

Rock-a-bye Baby – Sweet Dreams and Goodnight

I don’t want anyone to think I’m an expert on this topic at all… so consider yourself warned.

When Marc was first home from the hospital, I didn’t think too much of the first night or two. I was used to not getting much sleep but this getting up every three hours wasn’t fun.  After a week I started to think my ears were about to bleed and about a week after that I’m pretty sure I was sleep walking in and out of meetings at work.  I was drained but in some crazy way I started to get used to it. ...  [ read more ]

Bathy Bath time!

One of the best times of the day for me is bath time, but its not my bath time it’s Marc’s bath time.  It’s a true bonding time for us.  Marc wasnt always in love with the Bath, he was actually kind of hating it. My wife and I worked at it for about a week before I started to get half undressed and stand in the bath and start to splash him in the tub.  Soon enough he was having a ball and now he just sits in the tub and just plays for 20 or so minutes. ...  [ read more ]

Huggies commercial funny on so many levels

Once you have a baby boy you will come to understand the power of the water hose.  I have a great personal story from first days of my son’s life. My Mother-in-law [MIL] has two children one being my wife and the other being my brother-in-law (he has a child that is 5 days older then Marc). She was able to spend a little time with him before coming to New York for our child Marc.  She was our baby nurse (for lack of a better term). It was the second day of being home when a scream came from Marc’s room. My MIL screaming (in that funny yet upset way) He pee’d on me… I walk into the room to find her shirt covered in pee and seeing her have a look of disgust on her face (since a little actually got in her mouth). It was a rolling on the floor laughing moment for me (not so much for her). Today we still kid about it… ...  [ read more ]