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Great Gift ideas from Babbleboxx For Men

Every talks about how they want to help make your life easier, rarely does that become true… then a friend of mine offered to send me a Babbleboxx – which ended up being the coolest package of gift ideas.

Now I hand picked a few of the selections to share with my reads because no only did I like the suggestions (some of which I already had and use but some of them I’m totally planning on getting for some of my friends and family as gifts.) ...  [ read more ]

Old Spice Hardest Working Collection Kit giveaway


I use Old Spice for years, its pretty much my go to in terms of deodorant.  So Starting tomorrow I’ve got an awesome giveaway pack going up on facebook.com/dadarocks in this kit you’ll get…

The “Old Spice Hardest Working Dad” toolbox giveaway prize pack includes: ...  [ read more ]

Smell your best with Old Spice Hardest Working Collection #SmelLegendary

IMG_6340For years I’ve worn old spice deodorant (seriously, I found it on the duane reade shelf like 10 years ago and its been my go to ever since.)  So when the guys at “Life of Dad” asked if I wanted to try out the latest Old Spice Hardest Working collection and be a bit of advertising for it – I was like HECK YAH! ...  [ read more ]