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Celebrate “Friendsgiving” This Month With Dynamic Duos on Netflix! #StreamTeam

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, Netflix is celebrating something we all should be thankful for– friends! To help you celebrate your Friendsgiving this year, check out the following “Dynamic Duos” from TV & movies:

For your little kids:

Veggie Tales in the house
Sesame Street Elmo   Friends
Bo on the Go
Justin Time
The Fox and The Hound 2
1. Bob and Larry: VeggieTales in the House
2. Bert and Ernie: Sesame Street: Elmo and Friends
3. Bo and Dezzy: Bo on the Go!
4. Justin and Olive: Justin Time
5. Tod and Copper: The Fox and the Hound 2
6. Clifford and Elizabeth: Clifford

And your big kids:

Phineas and Ferb
Scooby-Doo Mystery Incorporated
Wild Kratts
Adventure Time
Mario Bros Super Show
Charlotte s Web
1. Phineas and Ferb
2. Shaggy and Scooby: Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated
3. Vada and Thomas: My Girl
4. Martin and Chris: Wild Kratts
5. Finn and Jake: Adventure Time
6. Mario and Luigi: The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!
7. Charlotte and Wilbur: Charlotte’s Web

Plus a few for mom and dad:

Gilmore Girls
New Girl
how i met your mother
30 Rock
Breaking Bad
The X Files
Wayne s World
1. Rory and Lorelai: Gilmore Girls
2. Schmidt and Nick: New Girl
3. Ted and Barney: How I Met Your Mother
4. Liz and Jack: 30 Rock
5. Walter and Jesse: Breaking Bad
6. Mulder and Scully: The X-Files
7. Wayne and Garth: Wayne’s World

Nintendo World NY Shows Off Three New Games!

20140426_101057_resizedI was recently treated to a preview of three brand new games at Nintendo World New York– Kirby Triple DeluxeMario Golf: World Tour, and Tomodachi Life— and they looked like excellent additions to the 3DS catalog!

Kirby Triple Deluxe, the character’s first appearance on the 3DS, transports Kirby to the land of Floralia, where he faces tons of unique new enemies and challenges. To deal with these adversarial forces, Kirby uses new copy abilities like Beetle, Bell, Archer, and Circus, and his brand new Hypernova ability. “Going Hypernova” allows Kirby to inhale much more than usual, even enabling him to suck up parts of the environment like trees, terrain, and more! ...  [ read more ]

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