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Let’s celebrate another Big Fat Greek Wedding!

MBFGW2-Poster My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 is a movie about finding strength in who you are.  Opening to full national release on March 25, with a few selected theaters playing it now, we recommend this perfect family film for anyone who is a member of a family.   This sequel to the blockbuster of 15 years ago brings the Portokalos family forward to the next generation.  Nia Vardalos found the sparks for the next story from her own personal journey and the trials and tribulations that occur in life. ...  [ read more ]

The Muppets are back

A few days ago, I took my family to a screening of The Muppets, thanks to Moms And The City. Disney Studios now controls the property it was excellent to see my childhood favorites on the big screen again – as you know its been a few years since they last were on the big screen. This isnt a remake, its actually a bit sad if you grew up watching the gang.  It shows them 20 years later and most of the world having forgot them. It also shows each of the gang doing their own thing.  Here’s the official description of the movie… ...  [ read more ]