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The tech gifts your mom wants #HPLovesMom

Moms are always putting others before themselves and updating their technology is no exception. This Mother’s Day, I’ll let one of you lucky readers give their mom what she really wants – a full “Tech-Over” suite of HP technology including an All-in-One desktop, notebook and wireless mouse!

What does that include?

  HP TouchSmart 320
Mothers have that special touch that makes everything better, so why not reward her skill with the HP TouchSmart 320? This powerful, compact, wireless all-in-one PC can recognize mom’s fingers before she even touches the screen, making her interaction more accurate and responsive while enhancing her viewing experience on the 20-inch, full high-definition widescreen. Plus, the new TouchSmart 5.0 “Magic Canvas” software means she can jot notes, open apps and view content all at once. Available on HP Home & Home Office. Starts at $599.99.
  HP Pavilion dm1
Measuring less than 1-inch thin and sporting AMD’s dual-core Fusion processor, the HP Pavilion dm1 blends portability with power and performance. With its compact size, 8GB of memory and Beats Audio™, the dm1 is ideal for those moms that do-it-all and are always on the go. Available on HP Home & Home Office. Starts at $399.99.
  HP X4000 Wireless Laser Mouse
Not only is the HP X4000 Wireless Laser Mouse ambidextrous, but it also comes in three attractive colors (ruby red, winter blue and black). This high performance wireless mouse also operates from up to 30 feet away and can be used on almost any surface. Available on HP Home & Home Office. Starts at $29.99.

That’s right its a prize pack with…

How to win it… Contest ends 11:59pm EST. May 8th, 2012.

You must comment why your mom needs a tech-over?  please include some method for us to contact you in the comment (twitter or email).

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” #HPLovesMom @HP @dadarocks prize pack http://dad.tc/IoMBL9 ”  and you must also comment with the link to your twitter message.

Example: I want to win the #HPLovesMom Tech Make Over for MOM from  @HP & @dadarocks – http://dad.tc/IoMBL9

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You will have 24 hours to reply before we pick another winner! Limited to the USA.

Disclaimer: HP is providing the prizes for the raffle.


Mother’s Day Gift Suggestion: The Mama Necklace by Tali Gillette

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and of course there is only one thing mom loves to get more then flowers and cards its jewelry. Nothing is more classic then something that says mom but usually those look a little cheesy, even the super expensive designer mom charms and necklaces are a little lame.  Then what about the fact that mom might not be mom but mommy or mama.  Thats why I really love Tali’s designs one she makes some awesome dada cufflinks (father’s day is around the corner) and well usually I hear mama in my house more then mommy (and never hear mom from our child).

Need a little more arm twisting?! Gwyneth Paltrow, Naomi Watts, and Sarah McLachlan have been spotted wearing these necklaces, and we are sure that a mom you know will love them as much as the celebs do!

Plus there is plenty of time to get order and shipped before mother’s day.

There are more styles then I can repeat diamonds, gold (white or yellow), silver, a few diamonds or covered in diamonds, there are sizes small or large (can you tell this is where the GUY shopping for jewelry part really kicks in) — so before your heads explode guys – go with the large with a few diamonds in white gold   or  if its more the thought that counts go with the silver.

For more information check out http://www.taligillette.com/ or on facebook or if you like a little more personal touch, email [email protected] or call her directly at 917-576-1205.

I know a bunch of you will want to win one of these beautiful pieces – and well you absolutely can… check out Late Night Parents next monday night as we’ll be giving away one to a lucky viewer.  Late Night Parents is live at 11PM EST and you can find out more at http://latenightparents.com

Hey its Mothers Day – Did you completely forget?!

Here is your quick recovery list

1) Get a card ASAP! cant get out of the house check out below for the “just print one at home” It is at the bottom of the post, just print it out sign your name (and your kids name too).

2) Get a gift ASAP! price isn’t the object here its the idea and thought that counts right? Maybe for you – for me I need to have something insightful and then something useful… Starbucks giftcard (useful) and an new iPhone Case (useful since she needs one that glows in the dark at this point :P).

Can you say your gift is in the mail? Sure, but it better be a damn fine gift… Here are some quick suggestions Jewelry from Tali Gillette [Link] she’s got an amazing MAMA necklace. What about photography setup a session with Suzanne Cohen Photography [Link] she’ll capture this moment in time for your family. Gift Cards to a Spa – you know she’s working 24/7 to keep the family happy the best gift is a few hours off and someone pampering her! Let her shop – retail therapy is a real thing! Drop a gift card to her favorite shop – cant pick just one try getting a gift card to an entire mall or try a prepaid AMEX or VISA.

3) Its her day give her whatever she wants/needs/deserves most of all remember what you do today will come back to you in a month when all you’ll want is a 12 pack of cold beers and a ball game on TV (maybe a BBQ with the family at the end).

4) Break out of the routine – while keeps everything moving forward it – it also makes it feel same old/same old – try something new – try something different. If nothing else is a story, but you might just find that you get a little glimmer back in her eyes that there is life post kids.

That’s it! Here’s the card that you can print out in case you’re really locked up at home!