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My mother-in-law is simply the best free babysitter (JOKING)

For most people the terms mother-in-law sends a shiver up their spin.  The other half of the family… sometimes the ones you really don’t see eye to eye with… sometimes the ones who say I told you so… For me this isn’t the truth, my mother-in-law is outstanding (ok mom don’t feel bad your mothers day post is right around the corner).

Two weeks ago my MIL was in town. It was the best few days my wife and I have had in a while. Why, one might ask it – simple out of the 7 days my MIL was in town my wife and I were able to sneak out 6 nights in a row.  It was married with child bliss.

Otherwise its really great for Marc to hang with Granna. Since she’s based in Texas its really nice to have her around for a full week. Sure living in NYC is a little cramped but its a small price to pay for the happiness my wife gets from having her mom in town. Granna gets to take a peak into Marc’s life goes to all the classes gets to do fun events (like seeing Rock of Ages) and having fancy dinners out with Suzanne.

I’m glad our relationship works…. I hear so many horror stories of the dreaded in-laws but in my mind – I couldn’t have asked for better. Event visiting with them is a piece of cake (well more like a pound and half of Texas BBQ).

Huggies commercial funny on so many levels

Once you have a baby boy you will come to understand the power of the water hose.  I have a great personal story from first days of my son’s life. My Mother-in-law [MIL] has two children one being my wife and the other being my brother-in-law (he has a child that is 5 days older then Marc). She was able to spend a little time with him before coming to New York for our child Marc.  She was our baby nurse (for lack of a better term). It was the second day of being home when a scream came from Marc’s room. My MIL screaming (in that funny yet upset way) He pee’d on me… I walk into the room to find her shirt covered in pee and seeing her have a look of disgust on her face (since a little actually got in her mouth). It was a rolling on the floor laughing moment for me (not so much for her). Today we still kid about it…

At this point I’ve been pee’d on more times then I have fingers and toes… I’ve learned the tell-tale signs of when he’s about to go.  I consider it a parenting badge of honor (other then the fact that I’m adding to the laundry pile) but really its part of the passage into parenthood.

Here is the Huggies commercial thats been running again on TV.

Here is a funny behind the scenes look at the making of this commercial.