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Moozi is set to revolutionize formula feeding

mooziWho is sick and tired of the middle of the night feedings?  I know that was one of my biggest hates when the kids were young!

Miravan is set to revolutionize formula feeding and reduce the stress of middle of the night feedings with Moozi, an innovative new single-serving pod system that simplifies the bottle making process, creating the perfect temperature formula bottles in under a minute at the touch of one button.  It’s a true all-in-one system that gives parents a stress-free, safe and easy solution to the current multi-step complicated formula feeding process. Prior to Moozi being available in retail and online stores in late 2015, the company has created a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the product,  which began earlier this month.  The preview link can be viewed now at: Moozi Kickstarter...  [ read more ]