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Protein Fight Club: Milk Verse OJ

Ahh we’ve come along way with these great ads… this week I wanted to share another milk ad that had me smirking.


Dont just take my word for it – David Grotto wants to drop some knowledge on you as well…

Last I just wanted to share this great image


Lucky you will get one more great milk commercial I love next week. Thanks in part to MILKPEP for compensating my family on the gallons and gallons of milk we’ve drank.

The Protein Fight continues for Milk!

FINAL White Glass LogoEvery time I see these Milk Verse commercials I laugh… my son really cracks up – so I have another good one to share this week…

I also wanted to let you know about this great giveaway that Milk is running where you could win free milk… if you drink a lot of milk you know how quickly that adds up so this is a great giveaway you can enter here http://thebreakfastproject.com/proteinfightclub

My son really laughs at this one mainly because as he says you cant put eggs in a cup thats just silly.

Make sure you see last weeks post were we talk about how we got involved with Milk too.

Milk Wins in the Protein Fight Club

Milk does a body good its a phrase I was raised on… and I think my wife too from the amount of milk we down in our house.  A little while back I was asked to attend the kick off of a new ad campaign called Protein Fight Club.

I’m certain you’ve seen an ad or two by now. It’s the concept of Milk Vs. <pretty much anything> and its LOLable.  At that event I was able to interview WWE superstar Triple H and Stephanie McMahon.


By far my fav is Milk Vs. Orange juice – just makes me want to try this challenge out on my 5 year old and film his reaction. itwould be classic his head would exploded I’m sure.
Over the next few weeks you’ll see a few of these protein milk post as part of a sponsored program but please note I post because I personally love milk and the thoughts are my own.