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Dont have a show of your own? Just create it! Be Epic! Schick Hydro #MakeItEpic

I’m sharing my epic moments thanks to Schick Hydro as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #MakeItEpic

This day in age you just sometimes have to capture the moment… if you want a talk show grab that iphone or check out a samsung mirrorless 4k camera and get filming… Who knows maybe one day – you’ll get your own show… I started DaDaRocks on a whim and boy has that paid off! ...  [ read more ]

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lnp-ted-glasses (1)Whether it’s a night out on the town or being the dad rooting for your child at their youth sports event, you really can’t go wrong with a smooth shave and look of perfection and excellence.  So, I spent the day at a luncheon celebrate the retirement of a life long friend.  It’s great to be honored and appreciated, while you’re still here and have all your faculties. ...  [ read more ]

@SchickHydro® and the Studio App #MakeItEpic

IMG_1575As a Dad – our daily lives move at a pace that I’m at basketball, swimming or soccer practice – when I’m not in not in downtown Manhattan at work and spending lots of time commuting back and forth to Long Island.

I’ve recently received the Schick Hydro® 5 product. Since, I usually shave not only my beard, but also my head – I’m usually critical on the life of each blade. After 3 or 4 shaves, the lubricating strip would disintegrate therefore leaving the blade useless. Today was my 5th shave with the same blade and I am amazed that this shave is as close as the first! The Schick Hydro® blade is an absolutely amazing product. ...  [ read more ]