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House of Cards season 3 rolls out in all its binge glory

Its finally here… House of Cards season 3 has finally rolled out onto Netflix!

So if you havent watched the first two seasons leave now… stop reading quickly… Spoilers AHEAD after clip!




Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) is president now, which means he has to take a break from murder and manipulation to actually run the country.

For those who don’t remember, Frank convinced Senator Hector Mendoza to start a smear campaign against President Garrett Walker (because he and his wife had been to couples’ counseling) and persuaded a special prosecutor to implicate Walker in a scandal involving money laundering with a Chinese businessman. President Walker finally stepped down, making Frank Underwood POTUS.

Now if you’ve binge watched the entire 3 seasons… take a look at Marco Polo you need to dedicate 2 hours to get into the show as you really need to watch the first and second episodes together to build enough love to be hooked.  Once you’re hooked you’ll be glad to know season 2 is already in the works.