Breakfast Bonding Reminds Me It’s #TheLittleThings That Matter Most

Breakfast Bonding Reminds Me It’s #TheLittleThings That Matter Most

Editor’s Note: I have partnered with Life of Dad and Entenmann’s® Little Bites® for this campaign, but the story and thoughts are my own.

I want to share my typical mornings with you.

I’m the one always dealing with morning rush to get out of the house and get the kids to school… so I have just a few moments to think about getting a breakfast together, but typically my son doesn’t want more than a snack. Therefore, I’m always looking for convenient breakfast snack solutions that’ll work every day. Entenmann’s® Little Bites® muffins pack the perfect portion that will be sure to keep us smiling together, and him awake for class.

These delicious baked muffins are made with real ingredients like blueberries, banana and cocoa, with zero Grams of trans fat and no high fructose corn syrup. Also once in a while they’ll run Seasonal flavors like the new Chocolate Party Cakes, which have been a big hit in my house. I also really LOVE the Strawberry Yogurt ones so much – I was eating them for breakfast on the subway. They were originally part of the Seasonal Favorites line and have been recently introduced to the everyday lineup! There are more than 10 varieties, there’s a flavor to fit every snacking occasion. And for members of the tribe, they’re certified Kosher.

Best part, I can easily grab a pouch or two and toss it into my bag for the kids when we go out for the day. Most varieties are 200 calories or less per pouch, so I can feel good about what we’re eating.

As the school year ends, I think back over the year of 3rd grade that my son just completed. We spent many (and I mean many) mornings talking about what his day had in store for him over those Little Bites muffins. It has become part of our breakfast ritual, I guess. Whether I was eating Little Bites with him, or watching him eat them as I rushed to get dressed, it was these little moments that shape our memories together. From talking about the latest math problems he was learning or some tidbit of New York City history that I either never knew or more than likely forgot. It was those moments getting him out the door and walking to school that I’ll cherish.

Of course when the weekend rolls around my daughter Harper would want to be just like her big brother and eat a pouch or two. I was more than happy to give her some Blueberry Muffins and sit and watch Saturday morning cartoons with her before the rest of the family was up.

Just remember it’s about the little things in life, those little moments we get to create with our kids.

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Every time a baby is born, a dad is born… #ThanksBaby

Every time a baby is born, a dad is born… #ThanksBaby

I have partnered with Life of Dad and Pampers for this promotion.

When a baby is born, a dad is born. This Father’s Day, Pampers celebrates that incredible feeling little ones bring to the hearts of dads through unconditional love.

I think I’m a pretty good dad… I try to gut check things but while there are books written on being a dad, its still all gut. Without Suzanne in my corner, I’m really not sure I’d be half the dad I am today without her loving support.  First Suzanne gave me the best gift in the world of be coming a dad… Here are the first shots from the hospital bed of Marc being held by Suzanne after he was born.

I wasnt always a comfortable in those first few weeks… I’m not sure many first time dads are comfortable. I remember the bris, first I was a nervous wreck… dozens of friends and family members in a room celebrating the birth of my son and well the actions that are done during a bris. Suzanne was nervous (maybe the only one more so than me)… but she was a champ… me on the other hand I didnt have a clue… I got to take the first photo of four generations, my son, my father, and my grandfather in a photo.  Since this photo was taken my grandfather has passed on, but thankfully he was able to see me grow into the man I am today… see his 3 great grandchildren and know that Marc got to know him.

Fatherhood is a journey… hopefully you grow and learn things about yourself, about the world around you, maybe when it comes time for homework maybe a new trick or two (if you have any for common core – I’m all ears)….

On this father’s day remember… we all were nervous, we all made mistakes, we all have stuff to deal with… but on this one day of the year hopefully you can block some of that out and just enjoy being a dad. Cause the time really does fly… in a blink of a year its almost been 9 years.


Pampers has released a new #ThanksBaby video that captures the amazing relationship that is created between a dad and his baby when a baby is born and the beautiful journey of fatherhood begins.

Pampers honors dads for just being dads and thanks them for all the amazing things, big and small, they do to help little ones have a better, loving, more fulfilling life.

Please join us by tweeting why you are most thankful for baby with the hashtag #ThanksBaby.

For more than 50 years, moms and dads have trusted Pampers to care for their babies’ happy, healthy development. Pampers offers a complete range of diapers, wipes and training pants designed to provide protection and comfort for every stage.

Visit to learn more about Pampers products, join the Pampers Rewards program, and find ideas and information to help your baby get the most out of love, sleep and play.

Disclosure: I have partnered with Life of Dad  and Pampers for this promotion.

Super Heroes are everywhere – who is your Super Hero? #WhoIsYourHero

Super Heroes are everywhere – who is your Super Hero? #WhoIsYourHero

Just like characters from the Marvel Universe, Super Heroes come in all sizes. Whether you are big like Hulk, small like Ant-Man, a young boy, a teenage girl, in a wheelchair, a casual fan, or a diehard collector, diversity is what makes Super Heroes so powerful.  An inspiring child doing great things for the community or an adult fundraising for a good cause…reading the pages of a Marvel comic we’ve seen it all, including teenagers putting on masks to fight crime – if you know someone that can stick to walls and fights crimes give me a holla – but more realistically that person that goes to the soup kitchen every month. That kid that is always collecting items for the homeless. That amazing mom who raised two kids on their own while working two jobs to support them. In life, a lucky few are able to say I know someone doing something amazing, even fewer get that recognition. That’s what we’re doing today – looking to recognize that unsung hero. #WhoIsYourHero

Jim HigleyIn my life, I’ve met a ton of amazing people…few have stood out in my mind like Jim Higley. Jim is a single dad to three fantastic kids. When Jim was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the age of 44, he traded in his 20-plus-year career in corporate America to become a full-time, stay-at-home dad. Jim talked openly about his treatments and struggles on his blog and no matter how gray the skies – he always had a positive outlook. Jim is just that type of guy.  Now, years later, Jim is still out there talking to other stay-at-home dads about his struggles but found his real passion in helping out in a number of different cancer related missions.  I remember it like it was yesterday, Jim was using his blog to share an advocacy project on the need to self-screen for testicle cancer.  Since that time, he’s taken on a new role in an amazing nonprofit camp that gives children whose lives have been affected by cancer an ability to find community. This past year Jim took a group of dad bloggers on an 84-mile-long hike across the UK to raise funds for Camp Kesem – and if that isn’t super heroic, I really don’t know what is – but that’s just part of it. The $40,000+ funds raised were to open a new Camp Kesem chapter at the University of Maryland in honor of our late dad blogger friend, Oren Miller, who lost his lung cancer battle nearly two years ago. It’s an honor to call Jim a friend. I have always looked up to Jim is an inspiration simply because he has one of the biggest hearts, and the best way to measure a Super Hero is by the size of their heart.

So let’s support our heroes…in the comments below please comment with who is your hero and what they’ve done and lets hopefully recognize them in this amazing campaign.

Who are the real heroes in your life? Tell me in the comments, and be sure to nominate them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Use the hashtag #WhoIsYourHero, so I can check it out and give it a share or retweet!

Want to brag about your hero AND win them some cool merch? Visit Life of Dad’s Facebook page and add your nomination there, too!

Disclosure: I have partnered with Life of Dad and Marvel for this campaign, but my all opinions are my own.

Learn more about Marvel’s amazing universe of characters and on their social channels of Facebook Twitter Instagram

Old Spice Hardest Working Collection Kit giveaway

Old Spice Hardest Working Collection Kit giveaway


I use Old Spice for years, its pretty much my go to in terms of deodorant.  So Starting tomorrow I’ve got an awesome giveaway pack going up on in this kit you’ll get…

The “Old Spice Hardest Working Dad” toolbox giveaway prize pack includes:

  • FREE entry into a 2016 Tough Mudder event to challenge the performance of the Hardest Working Collection
  • An Old Spice t-shirt fitting for Legendary Dads
  • A gift from Tough Mudder partner Merrell to keep more than your armpits dry
  • An autographed photo from the product king himself, Bob Giovanni (as seen on Old Spice’s popular digital infomercials)
  • Recognition of your Legendary Dad status with a customizable trophy, as commemorated by Old Spice

Guys have come to know Old Spice for its premium scents, but they may not fully realize the performance Old Spice products provide. With the new Hardest Working Collection, Old Spice is taking performance up a notch, offering the highest-performing Old Spice antiperspirants and body washes in the world, truly delivering Legendary Protection for Legendary Men.

The Hardest Working Collection delivers unparalleled performance for guys that demand more from their grooming products – antiperspirants that protect them from odor and sweat, and body washes that clean and don’t dry their skin.

The Hardest Working Collection products are available at retailers nationwide, with downloadable deals now at

Odor Blocker Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant – Odor Blocker is Old Spice’s most powerful invisible solid anti-perspirant/deodorant, delivering legendary performance through stronger and longer sweat protection than its other collections and a 50 percent increase in BCD odor fighting technology that only Old Spice can claim. Odor Blocker’s unique invisible solid anti-perspirant formula forms better plugs to protect against sweat.

Sweat Defense Antiperspirant/Deodorant – Sweat Defense soft solid anti-perspirant/deodorant is Old Spice’s ‘gold standard’ delivering “stronger and longer sweat protection” for all-day dryness. The category standard for extra effective anti-perspirant/deodorants is a 30 percent sweat reduction. Old Spice Sweat Defense delivers a 66 percent sweat reduction. Sweat Defense also is now turbocharged with Old Spice’s proprietary BCD technology to trap and lock away bad odors as they occur while releasing fresh, manly scent in its place.

Dirt Destroyer Body Wash – Dirt Destroyer is Old Spice’s most powerful body wash, offering 15 percent more cleansers, a 30 percent thicker formula and 20 percent more scent. Its thicker formula delivers a thick, dirt-eliminating lather and less down the drain resulting in a better overall shower experience.

The Hardest Working Collection debuts with a new scent – Lasting Legend – which offers a blast of fresh citrus balanced with a cool peppery spiciness. Lasting Legend pushes the limits of protection to help guys push achieve greatness. Old Spice also is pulling in some of the brand’s most popular scents that will be “amped up” for this lineup:

Pure Sport Plus, Extra Fresh, Tougher Timber, Stronger Swagger and Fresher Fiji (for Sweat Defense line).

1-800-PROVE-IT Challenge – Old Spice is so confident in the Hardest Working Collection, the product is backed with a money-back guarantee – as seen in a series of humorous digital infomercials hosted by Product King® Bob Giovanni. If guys use the Hardest Working Collection and the products do not live up to their standards, they can call 1-800-PROVE-IT for a full refund. Just call the line, and Bob Giovanni himself will provide further instructions.

Disclosure: I have partnered with Life of Dad and Old Spice for this promotion.

Finding the time to nap is sometimes better then sleep #Kingofrest

Finding the time to nap is sometimes better then sleep #Kingofrest

Being a dad is tough, sometimes it means sharing your bed with a child on a bad night – here or there but there are other children that just wont leave.  I have one of those (well maybe actually two of those) that just wont leave our bed.

as a dad, we want to be able to sleep wherever we can because the kids can be exhausting…but having the right mattress is a big part in really what dads need to get some quality sleep we deserve.

IMG_6540Otherwise it’ll look like we this all the time. Be it at the office, in the bus or train.

But I think the fine people over at Restonic have you covered.


By entering below, anybody has the chance to win a queen sized HealthRest® Mattress from Restonic.   Invest in your health with one of Restonic’s HealthRest® Brio™ Mattresses. Layered with latex and TempaGel® by Restonic and supported with a Trucomfort core™, a healthy, supportive night’s sleep is yours for the taking.
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Adults and children alike wake in the middle of the night because something’s wrong – it’s the body’s way of telling you there’s a problem. Sleeping on a supportive surface that also helps you regulate your temperature, removes stress from the body. Restonic mattresses allow you to stay in one position longer (without a pain signal to the brain telling you to roll over) and that allows your body to sink into a deeper and more rejuvenating sleep.

When your body is allowed to move into a deeper sleep, healing and energy is restored. Waking during the sleep cycles puts you back at the first stage – and many people struggle to fall back to sleep quickly when roused during certain stages of sleep.

You can read more about about Restonic on their SleepBlog:

You can find one of those great mattress shops in your local area

And really just incase you cant believe in the cosleep idea and how the struggle is real here’s another day another set of PJs.


I’ll leave you with this great video on tips to pick the right mattress.

Disclosure: I have partnered with Life of Dad  and Restonic Mattress for this promotion.