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The Laurie Berkner Band’s Birthday Party Concerts! [Presale] and CD Giveaway!

It’s Everyone’s Birthday at The Laurie Berkner Band’s Birthday Party Concert!

What do you bring to a Birthday Party Concert?
1. Wear your favorite party hat (Any kind will do!)
2. Picture of a birthday cake (go to our website to download the picture and color it in. Turn it in at the merchandise table area for a chance to win a prize!)
3. An animal for your head because animals have birthdays too.
OPTIONAL: Bring a gift for a child in need by participating in our shoe drive sponsored by UMI shoes. We will be collecting pairs of new or gently used children’s shoes (check your closets!) to be donated to Soles4Souls. ...  [ read more ]

Rock out to Laurie Berkner – I’m a googlehead are you??? Win an autographed CD

WIN an Autographed CD [Raffle rules below the videos] CLOSED

Laurie Berkner is awesome at Kiddie Rock! If you haven’t seen Nick Jr.’s Jack’s Big Music Show then you may or may not know Laurie’s music (and if you don’t I highly suggest you get to know it fast!).  The music has been playing since Marc was 2 months old in the background and at somepoint he started dancing to it and has been ever since. ...  [ read more ]

iPhone apps I Love for the baby and for me

Lately there has been a lot of talk of the soon to be announce Apple iSlate and depending on price point I will or will not get one, but let us stick to the topic at hand my iPhone (3G) and the apps that I love for the baby and for me.

There are a ton of things you can do with the default apps installed already you can download music for babies or you download TV shows for your iPhone right from the iTunes store. Here are a couple of my favorites on the music front we have a clear winner with The Laurie Berkner Band (Stay Tuned as I have a full Laurie Berkner post planned for Friday alone) her most popular album is Victor Vito [ iTunes | Amazon ] and her newest is Rocketship Run [ iTunes | Amazon ] and on the TV front Yo Gabba Gabba [ iTunes | Amazon has select DVDs and Digital Video files (wont work on iPhones/iPods)] ...  [ read more ]