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Knowing How Much to Dose Your Child When It Comes to Medicine

100965_007_chpa_report_v11r19-147x190When I was asked by the Acetaminophen Awareness Coalition’s Know Your Dose campaign to write an article on knowing how much medicine to give your child, I of course said yes.  Who hasn’t been there with a sick child that just is eating you up on the inside that there really isn’t anything you could do to help them at the moment.  It’s brutal. Sometimes as parents we say they can just tough it out.  Other times we start to look in the medicine cabinet for what might make them better.  I know more often than not for our first child it was certainly the tough it out, but as we had more children I see we’re quick to grab the medicine.  That’s in large part due to knowing what medicine to use when and the dosing around that medicine. ...  [ read more ]