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Body and Brain Connection for Xbox 360 Kinect by NAMCO Bandai Games Review and Giveaway

Body and Brain Connection [http://amzn.to/iswHrW] is the first Brain Training game available on Xbox 360 with Kinect, and the only game worldwide to integrate cerebral and physical challenges for the optimal gaming experience. And given its multiplayer mode and ease of use, whole families can enjoy and receive the benefits of Body and Brain Connection’s myriad of mini-games, challenges and exercises. ...  [ read more ]

2K Play’s Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do – Exclusively on Kinect for Xbox 360 Review and Giveaway

When a Wily Wizard, Mischievous Monkey and Boastful Barker fit prominently into your family game night, it can only mean 2K Play’s Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do [amazon] is now available in North America exclusively on Kinect for Xbox 360. The latest in gaming technology allows players to actually speak to the Wizard to learn their future, challenge the Monkey to a “Cotton Eye Joe” dance-off and contemplate the Barker’s generous offer to swim in the Shark Tank. The game is out now. ...  [ read more ]

Kinectimals on Kinect for xbox 360 review and giveaway

The idea of the virtual pet has come along way from the days of little black and white little egg shaped toys years ago.  Now children (and adults) can raise their own interactive pets… Kinectimals [amazon] is the first video games that allows you to be the controller using the xbox 360 kinect system to interact with your virtual pet.  There of course is a great twist which is you can purchase different stuff animals/plush toys to unlock different characters.  Since this was one of the first games being developed for the system its still by far one of the best.  Microsoft certainly has put a ton of work into this game and it show, from the details in the blades of grass to the interactions the animals have with the game player. ...  [ read more ]

Burger King goes bonkers over Kinect for XBox360

Do you follow the King? I sure do I’ve been following his cross country adventure ever since leaving NYC (which is when I started seeing his tumbr page and tweets flying about giving away 2 kinects per stop… All the time there’s this major promotion going on over at www.bkkinect.com you buy a whopper you get codes and every 15 minutes someone wins an xbox 360 and Kinect (if you hear the sound of drool its not only over the burger and fries its really the kinect). I great little hint is that there is a little link after you create your account to email yourself codes for free (its all part of that legal entry thingy). ...  [ read more ]