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‘Sid the Science Kid’ Celebrates Earth Day

Sid the Science Kid will be celebrating Earth Day (April 22) with four new episodes, the week of April 18, on PBS Kids.

New episodes of The Jim Henson Company animated preschool show will explore a different science theme related to the environment. As in every episode, Sid will begin each episode with a question and spend the day finding answers with help from his friends and family.

The episodes include “Where Did The Water Go?” (What happens to water that goes down the drain?) on Monday, April 18; “Clean Air!” (Why does Sid’s dad wear a mask when he paints?) on April 19, repeating on Earth Day; “Reused Robot” (Where does trash go when we throw it away?) on April 20; and  “Save The Stump” (Can an old stump be a home for tiny creatures?) on April 21.

Each episode of Sid the Science Kid focuses on a single scientific concept that is presented using Preschool Pathways to Science (PrePS), a practical science readiness curriculum used in preschool classrooms. Here is Sid sharing his top 5 tips for being gentler to the environment http://pbskids.org/sid/videoplayer.html?pid=8Qmw2JiU95dkX1qaNRvjyTxc5by_BNqF

Go Diego Go! Diego Saves the World DVD review and giveaway


Diego travels the globe rescuing animals in Go, Diego, Go!: Diego Saves The World [Amazon], a six episode compilation DVD. Throughout his adventures, he receives help from his sister Alicia, animal pals, Rescue Pack Click the Camera (voiced by Rosie Perez) and the viewers at home.  Created by Nickelodeon Home Entertainment and distributed by Paramount Home Entertainment, Go, Diego, Go!: Diego Saves The World will be available on DVD April 12, 2011, for the suggested retail price of $16.99.


Go, Diego, Go!: Diego Saves The World Episode Synopses:

Diego the Hero

Alicia’s boat gets stuck in the ice as she takes some sick and hurt penguins to the Snowy Rescue Center.  Diego and Baby Jaguar set out to help Alicia, but they’ll need the help of their friends since the Rainforest is far away from the Snowy Coast.

Cotton-top Tamarin Cave Rescue

Diego has a surprise for the lonely cotton-top tamarin singing in a cave.  Alicia and Baby Jaguar have been planting lots of trees for the Tamarins so they can move back to the forest.  When the Bobos accidentally block the cave’s entrance, Diego sets out to find another way out of the cave so he can reunite all the tamarins.

Bengal Tiger Makes a Wish

Diego is in India helping animals after a big rainstorm when he meets Benji the Bengal Tiger.  His mother had told him that if he ever got lost, she would wait for him at the Wishing Tree, but he doesn’t know how to get there!  Diego sets out to the Wishing Tree and along the way helps many animal friends who have wishes.

Diego Saves Baby Humpback Whale

A baby humpback whale is beached on a rocky island and can’t get back into the ocean!  Diego sets off to save the humpback whale, running through a rainforest obstacle course and swimming with Tuga the Leatherback Sea Turtle past jellyfish and sharks. When Diego reaches the baby humpback whale, he leads the other humpback whales in making big waves to lift the beached humpback whale into the ocean and back to her mommy.

Jorge the Little Hawk Learns to Migrate

It’s getting really cold and Jorge the Hawk is ready to migrate to the Warm Forest.  Diego must help build a bird place to help Jorge fly home.  On this sky-high adventure,Diego and Jorge catch a ride on the warm windy wind, fly through the foggy fog, avoid a lightning storm, and finally make it all the way to the Warm Forest.

Egyptian Camel Adventure

Diego visits his friend Medina in Egypt to learn all about camels when they realize the river in Medina’s town is drying out.  They must find a way to fill it up again for the camels and other desert animals to have enough water to drink.  They learn of the legend of the golden cloud, which can bring water back to the river, and head out to find it.


Go, Diego, Go!: Diego Saves The World Fast Facts:

Street Date: April 12, 2011

DVD SRP: $16.99

Catalogue: 821774

DVD Running Time:  Approximately 146 Minutes


I will totally admit I like dora a bit better then diego, but what I love about diego is that he does teach my son about animals.  Over all the episodes on this disc feature 3/4 different areas of the world and with that comes a good selection of animals.  Clearly it’ll be entertaining for your child to watch and plus with 146 minutes of run time you might want to pickup a chapter of a book if they really just get into it.  I say 45 minutes tops before you have a little one tugging at your leg.


How to win it… Contest ends 11:59pm EST. April 8th, 2011.
2 Lucky people will win Diego DVD! Tell us your favorite character on Diego and please include some method for us to contact you in the comment (twitter or email).

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Disclaimer: NickelodeonDVD provided the DVD for this raffle

What develops Kids’ creativity?

I’ve partnered with SAY Media and Microsoft on this campaign and in the hopes of opening a dialog around the concept of kids and computers (and more specific to me toddlers and slates/tablets) to allow brands to connect with audiences around their passions in environments where they’re spending time and opinions are being shaped. What develops Kids’ creativity? I felt the answer out of the choices was drawing because creativity is the imagination at play, drawing is just that imagination. Because you start with just a blank page everything you draw or create is from your memory or imagination, you can create an entire world on your own. – what would you answer this question as? http://new.conversations.typepad.com/co0147e2cbe67b970b/which-activity-best-develops-kids-creativity. Full disclosure this post was Sponsored by ASUS Windows Slate.