A desk for those that aren’t 9-5ers – The Edge Desk

A desk for those that aren’t 9-5ers – The Edge Desk

a3c35f9a-628e-4fc4-a30e-fa78147176dcFor most of us (no not all), gone are the days of working in an office or cubicle 9-5 from the same desk 5 days a week.    Over the last year or so there’s been a lot of attention around new innovations in desks, but I haven’t seen one that speaks to the modern day worker, someone that will work on their bed first thing when they wake up, then their couch two hours later.  That may be because they don’t have the space for a regular desk, or they simply lack in comfort and portability. With the Edge Desk we’ve solved that problem and more!  The Edge is designed for very small spaces like apartments, dorms, shared offices (it folds flat for quick storage and then folds out into full custom fit in 6-seconds) complete with a variety of available accessories!

The Edge launched this week on Kickstarter (TheEdgeDesk.com/Campaign) solves two of the biggest problems workers face – back pain and limited space, and it’s loaded with modern accessories so a worker can surround themselves with everything they need – smartphone holder, speakers, lights, snack tray and drink holder.  For the artist in all of us, the desk even converts into an easel/portrait!

The Edge Desk System campaign (which already won the Wayfair Kitchen Sink Grand Prize) is looking to truly revolutionize the workplace.



78791b38d4f05790706cb192b14bce64_originalI have seen dozens, if not hundreds, of Kickstarter campaigns, but GlowCicle shined brighter than the rest with its creative design, customizable features and delicious flavor.

GlowCicle is set to get your party glowing, especially when the lights go out! It’s a patented frozen treat featuring what they call “side-by-side chambers”, which is where all the magic happens. One chamber holds a tasty treat made with natural colors and flavors and the other chamber holds a glow stick. When you’re ready to treat yourself, you snip the top off of the frozen treat, bend and activate the glow stick and slip it into the patented side pouch. It’s really that simple! Not only does the glow stick make the frozen treat shine, but it also acts as the perfect handle so your hands don’t get too cold. And when you’re done eating the frozen treat, you have a glowing bracelet to wear.

Something else that’s pretty unique to GlowCicle, although this frozen treat comes in a variety of colors, it only comes in one tropical flavor, featuring hints of pineapple, orange, lime, cranberry and Tahitian vanilla. I was convinced that the different colors were different flavors when I first tasted them, but oh boy was I wrong! The red treat tasted like cherry and the blue tasted like blueberry. I was surprised to hear that they were all the same flavor.

The GlowCicle Pops are made for all occasions and events. From blank wrappers to pre-labeled with a generic message like, “Happy Birthday!” or “Happy Anniversary!” to my favorite, to Personalized GlowCicle Pops for your one-of-a-kind situation such as “Happy 10th Birthday, Ava”…these guys have thought of everything!

The Kickstarter campaign is live for 35 more days. You can check out GlowCicle’s Kickstarter page here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/glowcicle/glowcicletm-frozen-party-pops-that-glow-in-the-dark


Moozi is set to revolutionize formula feeding

Moozi is set to revolutionize formula feeding

mooziWho is sick and tired of the middle of the night feedings?  I know that was one of my biggest hates when the kids were young!

Miravan is set to revolutionize formula feeding and reduce the stress of middle of the night feedings with Moozi, an innovative new single-serving pod system that simplifies the bottle making process, creating the perfect temperature formula bottles in under a minute at the touch of one button.  It’s a true all-in-one system that gives parents a stress-free, safe and easy solution to the current multi-step complicated formula feeding process. Prior to Moozi being available in retail and online stores in late 2015, the company has created a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the product,  which began earlier this month.  The preview link can be viewed now at: Moozi Kickstarter.

Before Moozi even hits retail shelves in late 2015, Miravan is offering potential backers an advance offer to purchase Moozi through their Kickstarter campaign at a discounted price of $125. And in the true spirit of the holidays for supporters who would like to partner with Miravan to help families in need, there is the opportunity to pledge $100 to donate a Moozi to an organization serving these families. The campaign launched November 3rd and will remain live for 30 days.

The idea for Moozi was conceived and developed by mompreneur Miriam Kutcher, a mother of two daughters now ages 8 and 10.  Looking back, she wished there was a one-step, simple solution that would warm and dispense the perfect temperature bottle simply by pressing a button.  It was years later that she decided to bring her idea to life and now she is ready to introduce Moozi.

“When my girls were infants, making a formula bottle was a time-consuming process that involved rushing down to the kitchen in the middle of the night to try and measure, warm and mix a bottle as quickly as possible. Listening to them cry while doing all of this was stressful. I wanted my focus and attention to be on them, not the prep work,” says Miriam Kutcher, president and founder. “So I came up with the idea of Moozi and after three long yet gratifying years, I’m proud to bring this product to the market.”

Safety is key with Moozi. Water sensors ensure there is water in the tank and that the water temperature is regulated at body temperature. The bottle sensor alerts parents if there isn’t a bottle in position.  Plus Moozi’s unique patent-pending dry release system keeps the formula and water separate until they mix in the bottle.  This reduces bacteria growth and keeps the system running smoothly.

File this under cool stuff – Keyprop and a clap photo app

File this under cool stuff – Keyprop and a clap photo app

Being a blogger you get pitched a lot… and I mean a lot I think I have close to over 70,000 unread emails but everyonce once in a while I dig into those emails and find really really cool things – like this awesome keyprop by Integral Design.

smartphonesit goes right onto your keychain and it works with a ton of devices. it makes it so you can stand your phone or any number of mobile devices up and sometimes without having to remove the case (win!)

so this project is in its last days on kickstarter – so theres some real bonuses to be one of the first to order a keyprop.

features3The big bonus is the designer of this also made an iOS app that takes time delayed photos, which turns out really good if you standup your iPhone using the keyprop.  The best part of the app is a CLAP to SNAP feature – so you clap and your iPhone will take a picture – which is a really cool idea – I wondering if it’ll turn into our generations Clapper.

Keyprop is a patent pending tripod stand for your smartphone, paired with a unique self-timer app for a whole new camera phone experience.

There are many smartphone stands out there in the market, but you never have one on you when you need it. Keyprop fits on your keychain so it is always on you. Keyprop fits virtually every smartphone and leverages the feature they all have in common – the headphone jack – to prop up the phone. The clever design also allows you to adjust the angle of the phone by propping the stand on your keys.

Bonus: KeyCam, a self-timer camera app with the innovative Clap-to-Snap feature. The Keystand plus KeyCam combo completes the photo experience so that no one is ever left out of a group photo or struggling to get the right angle for a self photo. Please see video demo of Clap-to-Snap feature which allows users to start the self-timer from far away: http://vimeo.com/65034947.