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The new standard in home internet security – Bitdefender BOX

bitdefenderboxI know lots of people that work in IT and when you go to their home they have professional wifi gear and tons of security equipment, then I go to some friends and families that don’t have any security on their home network. It really makes you wonder where do you feel safe… and I’m loving the new Bitdefender BOX. This simple little box which handles a great number of the tasks that a professional grade IT appliance would do is amazing. ...  [ read more ]

Get the March Madness games live on your iPhone or iPod Touch

March Madness is here [screaming fans sounds] its been a pretty good college basketball season and the tournament is going to be great this year! Stayed tuned as I’m hosting a DaDa Rocks tournament bracket, but today we’re talking about the how to watch the games at work, on the go, at your friends kid’s birthday party, and even in the bathroom (TV in the bathroom is perfection) with the CBS Sports NCAA March Madness On Demand app [iTunes...  [ read more ]

Moving the herd of people on twitter – does friday follow still matter?

One of the most useful tool for me to get the word out about my blog is twitter.  Every Friday is something labeled Friday Follow (in the dad blog world its Fatherhood Follow/Fatherhood Friday) in short its #FF [Link].

I post three lists: the dads, the moms, and the brands/groups/others.  Theses are getting to be longer and longer as I’ve been starting to diageset more and more information from the twitter stream.  When I started with 200 followings I found it a little tough I’m now following over 1,000 mom/dad twitters/bloggers.  I’m reading as much content that I can and find it to be nearly as easy (or hard) as following 200 when I first started. ...  [ read more ]

Protect your digital self

Welcome to the age where photos are files and memories can be deleted within a millisecond of a virus or a bad keystroke.  When I was a kid we could drop off rolls and rolls of film at the camera store and pickup hundreds of prints (most junk) and the few good one we’d store into photo albums (remember those).  Now I dont even print 1/100th of the photos that we take. Even although they’re priceless memories of my son growing up they sit on my harddrive.  No I’m not about to tell you a story of how I lost my drive and along with that the history of my son. My Aunt had me rush out to Long Island a few weeks ago to save her from that fate (she got a virus that ruined the computer) and I was able to boot into safe mode long enough to copy 40 gigs of photos.  Thats eight years of digital images of my cousin growing up that would have been lost. ...  [ read more ]