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Summer Travel Schedules Create Opportunities for Identity Theft #LifeLock

GOLD, SILVER AND BRONZE: During this summer’s international games in London, the potential for identity theft related scams could be heightened as travelers look to cross the Atlantic to support Team USA. Identity thieves can pose as trusted sources offering you the “deal of the century” if you just follow their link. Verify all offers by opening a new Web browser and typing in the Web address that you trust to confirm the authenticity of the offer.

LEAVE FACEBOOK AT HOME: Before departing and during your travels, consider avoiding Facebook status updates. By posting your travel plans, you are announcing to all of your friends (and even the world if your page isn’t marked to private) that you are away from home, leaving your unattended home vulnerable to invasion. Many Facebook users include their home address, mobile phone, home phone and other pieces of valuable personally identifiable information wide open for potential thieves. Consider posting your updates once you return home.

WORRIED ABOUT WI-FI?: Relax. Vacation is a time to relax so leave the laptop, tablet or smartphone at home. If you MUST take it with you, ensure that you have updated your passwords/pass-phrases and that you are not connecting to the Internet via free Wi-Fi connections. These free connections are not secure and can make the data you are transmitting (user names/passwords for accounts like Facebook, payment information for excursions) open for the right identity thief to capture.

4 C’s, Call your Credit Card Companies: Contact your credit card companies and your banks to let them know you will be travelling. Because you may be going out of state or leaving the country, the credit card company could assume that your card has been compromised and turn off access to that card. Take only what you need with you and consider leaving your retail credit cards at home.

TAG YOUR BAGS SMARTLY: When travelling by train or plane, tag your luggage smartly. Do not put your home address or the address to which you are travelling on your luggage tag. By providing your home address, you could direct thieves to your empty home. Instead, list a mobile phone number on your tag. This will allow airport officials to contact you when your luggage arrives.

Like anything else in life – you wouldnt go to a shady part of the hood and shout I’m leaving my keys on the dash… hope no one takes my car – before leaving on a two week vacation.  Most importantly its make sure you dont use your debt cards while traveling – cause if those numbers get lifted you could be spending a whole lot of time without your savings and money while trying to get it sorted out (one reason I love American Express).

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Protecting you and your families Identity #lifelock

Sometimes we simply need to hear it from others… While reading tips online might be helpful – sometimes its easier to watch it and hear it.

Identity Theft Techniques You Need To Know: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJVk6QbW0gs

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Tax Day: Tips to Help Protect Against Identity Theft #Lifelock

You the only good thing about taxes being due on a Sunday (which April 15th is) you get to add two bonus days filling due date is now April 17th 2012.  Did you fill yet? Did you remember to mail it in or did you do efile? Are you sure it isnt sitting in an envelope in the visor of the car? or worst in the bottomless purse your wife carries around? maybe its stuck between the seat and the center console of the car.

Doesnt matter if you’re getting a refund or your going to owe the IRS – people looking to steal your identity aren’t concerned which category you fall in as they prepare to assume your identity and make good on a return that you were or weren’t expecting.

“Tax season is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for identity thieves,” said Todd Davis, Chairman and CEO of the industry-leading identity theft protection firm LifeLock. “Unfortunately, the current system is not built to protect consumers from tax fraud but rather is built on a first come-first served basis. Consumers need to understand the existing dangers and take immediate action to claim their rightful return before an identity thief can strike.”

There is no way to stop all identity theft, however, LifeLock offers the following tax filing tips for consumers to consider when preparing their income taxes in 2012:

FILE FAST – Your procrastination can turn into profit for an identity thief. The sooner you file, the less time an identity thief has to compromise your information and cash in on a fraudulent return.

SECURE YOURSELF – When using online tax preparation software, be certain that the Web site is secure and that you see an https:// in the URL. The “s” in the URL indicates that the server is secure and personal information is encrypted and can be transmitted safely from your computer to the end point.

SKIP THE PHISHING TRIP – Remember this: the IRS never initiates communications with taxpayers through email.  Identity thieves can send fraudulently emails, posing as an employee of the IRS in an attempt to collect personally identifiable information to use in compromising your identity. This type of scam is commonly referred to as phishing. Do not respond if you should receive an email from the IRS, instead forward it to [email protected].

For additional information on how to protect your personal information and secure your identity, LifeLock offers a series of educational guidelines online.