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78791b38d4f05790706cb192b14bce64_originalI have seen dozens, if not hundreds, of Kickstarter campaigns, but GlowCicle shined brighter than the rest with its creative design, customizable features and delicious flavor.

GlowCicle is set to get your party glowing, especially when the lights go out! It’s a patented frozen treat featuring what they call “side-by-side chambers”, which is where all the magic happens. One chamber holds a tasty treat made with natural colors and flavors and the other chamber holds a glow stick. When you’re ready to treat yourself, you snip the top off of the frozen treat, bend and activate the glow stick and slip it into the patented side pouch. It’s really that simple! Not only does the glow stick make the frozen treat shine, but it also acts as the perfect handle so your hands don’t get too cold. And when you’re done eating the frozen treat, you have a glowing bracelet to wear. ...  [ read more ]