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National Bubble Week (March 8th – 14th)

bubblesNational Bubble Week originated in 2000 as a way to celebrate spring. Because bubbles are such an iconic, fun outside toy, it’s only natural to use these floating spheres to usher in the season synonymous with outdoor play, laughter and sunshine.

  • A Bubble Gets Its Color From Iridescence: As waves of light pass through the bubble, it gets distorted by reflecting off different layers of soap film.
  • You Can Freeze Bubbles: A bubble’s shell is composed of a layer of water molecules surrounded by two thin layers of soap. Technically, a bubble will freeze below 32 degrees Fahrenheit like all water. The only problem is that bubbles tend to burst after a few seconds, so in order to see a bubble freeze, the temperature needs to fall to a temperature that will freeze water molecules more quickly.
  • Why Do Bubbles Burst?: Anything that fractures the tenuous layer of water molecules can cause a bubble to burst. For example, a gust of wind or an object (like your finger) will easily cause a bubble to burst. Also, a bubble will burst if enough of the water molecules evaporate.
  • Many Bubbles Makes A Foam: When many bubbles are joined together, it becomes a foam. From cappuccinos to the foam on the top of your beer, bubbles are all around us.

Thanks to our friends at Gazillion Bubbles for the heads up… Bubbles are loved the world over by people of all ages.  There’s even a Gazillion Bubble Show in New York City (http://gazillionbubbleshow.com/), and an exhibit at the So Cal Children’s Museum focused on them.  For kids, bubbles are pure fun for spring and summer outdoor frolic.  For adults, (where you’ll find them at events such as proms, weddings and more,) they symbolize peace, harmony and beauty.

Bubbles – My vote for a toddlers best toy! Win a Gazillion Bubbles Prize Pack

There are tons of things that make my son smile – which makes me smile but one thing he’s just getting the hang of is the bounce/play of a ball but for the last year he loved nothing more then to chase down and pop bubbles.  His face would light up as it went pop, he would chase a stray bubble around the room.  Its pretty magical to watch a child play with a bubble.

Capturing the image of child playing with bubbles could be amazing something that you might want to hang on your wall. Because of that Funrise the company behind Gazillion Bubbles is running a bubble photo contest [Link] with the grand prize being awarded a $1,000 Toys “R” Us gift card! Winners are also announced monthly and there is still plenty of time to get your photo entered before it ends July 23rd.

Bubbles are a part of culture I’ve blown more bubbles then I can count and thats truly the way it should be (isnt it).  They even make songs about bubbles (if you like the Yo Gabba Gabba Live clip just wait till Wednesday big news for you fans!).

But when it comes to the next level of bubbles there is only one place to look Gazillion Bubbles they’re rocking toys that can pump out 4,000 (yes! thats four thousand!) bubbles in a minute! or create bubbles as big as your child (thats pretty crazy!).

We got to break out the bubble machine and well it filled the living room in about 2 minutes (it was pretty awesome) but I recommend it being more of an outside toy.  It would be awesome for a birthday party (or even a birthday gift for little one to enjoy this summer!).

You can click on the thumbnails to check them out… but the winner will receive a prize pack with one of each of these great items!

How to win it… Contest ends 11:59pm EST. May 26, 2010.
Win the Gazillion Bubble Prize Pack! Tell us you or your child’s favorite place to play with bubbles are and please include some method for us to contact you in the comment (twitter or email).

You get 1 extra entry for tweeting about this contest (you can do this daily). Must contain the following information:
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Example: I want to win @gazillionbubble prize pack from @dada_rocks – http://bit.ly/aWvgsm

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You will have 12 hours to reply before we pick another winner!

Disclaimer: Funrise Toys are providing the Gazillion Bubble Prize Pack!