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Family travel tips from the expert Amy Tara Koch

I had the great pleasure of doing a quick interview with Amy Tara Koch, the author of Bump It Up, trend reporter to NBC, contributer to SELF, New York Times, People’s Mom and Baby, Travel & Leisure, and many others – yah she’s totally an expert on all things style and travel.

Admittedly the first line about I’m following you is awkward but its about Twitter – lol…

We went over some basics of traveling with expecting a baby, traveling with kids of all ages, and tips for what to bring on the plane.

Of course the age old question how do you defuse the angry mob on the plane when your baby/kid just wont stop crying.

Well I could write out all the questions and answers but that would take all the fun out of watching the video.

The Ohmies – NYC Show for Kids Review & Giveaway

I love nothing more then taking my child Marc to see a show that is totally different then anything he’s seen before.  This is totally true of the Ohmies, we’ve done rock concerts, we’ve done the stage characters in full dress-up, we’ve done the puppets but we haven’t really done a broadway type show.  Thats just what this is, its got song, dance, adults dressed as bugs, dogs, snakes, and a bunch of other critters that I cant really recall.  I loved how they tie some yoga into the show, and how interactive it was for the kids.

Let’s remember this show is based for Toddlers and if you keep that in mind while you’re there looking at your child’s face you’ll leave with that warm feeling in your heart.  It is special to watch your child’s eyes light up when the actors come out on stage or when they get everyone up and hopping around.

The show is on a one month run (I hope it gets extended) for more information check out http://theohmies.com

I also shot a quick video if you want to hear a sample of the type of show…

We’ve got a four pack of tickets to giveaway…

How to win it… Contest ends 11:59pm EST. January 19th, 2011.

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Disclaimer: Thanks to the Ohmies for the prize for the giveaway.

Ending the decade that was

Its hard to imagine that tomorrow we start a new decade, of course its a new year and a new chance do right were we did wrong the year before. This statement along with a new year and a new you are the ones that will be with me for a long time… you’ll see some changes happening around here – just to keep up with the new year and the fact that in less then a week this site turns 1 year old.

I know many people stop doing resolutions once they hit a point in their life, I know many say weight loss and that usually just covers the holiday weight they’ve put on over the last month.  For me I have a long list along with the idea its time to start crossing items off my bucket list as well… If you follow me on twitter and if you read my christmas post you know that a few weeks ago I had a major health crisis and to be able to walk away from that is amazing. More so to walk away from that event and be able to change my life in hopes of seeing my grandchildren one day is the new mission of life.

When you make your resolutions make ones that you can meet, why because its important to set realistic goals telling yourself to become a millionaire isnt really realistic unless you have the means or the ability to do that… Telling yourself to drop 40% of your body weight isnt either…  try more reasonable goals like I’m going to go credit card free in 2011, managing a better budget within the family, I’m going to loose 25 pounds in 6 months  and keep it off, and I’m going to run a marathon within 3 years.

My true resolutions are much simpler – its to be a better husband, a better father, a better friend, and most important to take better care of myself (in terms of health and fitness). What are your resolutions?

Merry Christmas

From my family to yours I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas.  As I said in last nights post, please take this time to truly enjoy your family and to truly create memories because in the end the christmas dinner (no matter how the ham or turkey turned out), the plastic toys, and all the gifts dont matter much if it wasnt for family.

Keeping the holidays in your heart

Its easy to be jaded with the wonderful life you have, its easy because you take it all for granted – there is no doubt in my mind that 90% of the people I know just live each day like the last and forget the true meaning of this holiday. This holiday season is important to me because of a recent health scare I had… I kid you not – I almost wasnt here today to tell you about why its important to be thankful, to appreciate your love ones, and most of all take time to slow down.

I know the motions, I know the drain that life, work, family, money can put on you… I know there are pressures from every direction but the key is to make sure you have respect for it all. Just think about tomorrow if you werent here, how would your children be? how would your partner be? does it scare you? cause it sure as shit scared me… I woke up thanksgiving morning to a heart attack and since then I feel like my life is one of those Jimmy Stewart movies – I’ve found joy in the small things – I’m trying to reset the balance of my life… and I’m appreciating the time with my family. It’s so easy to be frustrated at a child – they cry and whine, we become annoyed… but if that cry and whine was a remembrance of life and the future you have it sounds sooo different. That’s why I ask to for you to keep this holiday in your heart, its so easy to overlook what the base of this holiday is, its not shopping, its not finding the perfect gift, or that really hard to find one, its being together.

For this holiday season – I ask one simple thing – Take a moment (take two) (take three) create a memory with your children… create a memory with your partner and most of all remember to take it all in. Life is short – we never know just how short until its almost ripped from us. Hug your children – Hug your partner… open that bottle of wine and just sit and relax and start to think about what you want to do this coming year that will be different from the last. For me its take time out – to create special memories with my wife and son… but whats on your list?

Holiday craft build your own snow globe

Now that the kids are off from school you’ll be ready to jump off a bridge play with them. I figured this might help those that are starting to run out of ideas…

What you’ll need…
Empty Jar with Tight Lid (Baby food, apple sauce, and olive jars are good choices.)
Distilled Water (bottle is better, just not greener)
Super Glue or hot glue (with hot glue gun)
Kid’s Toy/keepsake (Look for plastic or ceramic figurines – metal ones are prone to rust)
White and/or silver glitter or fake snow or you could use Sequins, Beads, Glitter, Metallic Confetti, etc.
dish soap (clear) or glycerin (available at drugstores)

How to put it all together now…
Step One:
Thoroughly was the empty jar and remove any labeling.

Step Two:
Choose which toy/keepsake to put into the snow globe. Remember that it is plastic and has no metal parts, they may rust. Parent should use the Super Glue to stick the toy to the inside of the lid of the jar.

Step Three:
Fill the jar with distilled water and a little squirt of the dish soap or a dash of glycerin (available at drugstores) to keep the glitter from falling too quickly, also helps the items float and swirl. Sprinkle in glitter, sequins, confetti, beads, etc. for decoration

Step Four:
Make sure the jar is filled all the way to the top with the distilled water then carefully put the lid with the toy on the jar. It will overflow slightly so do it in the sink or outside. Make sure you don’t get any air bubbles. Seal the lid with the superglue/glue gun (wait for it to dry/cool) Now, give it a shake and watch it “snow”!

Maybe snow isnt your thing, so maybe you’ll make a beach version!
You could also make a beach collection jar by using sand, shells, and rocks instead of toys/keepsakes.

Calling all Explorers at the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum – Sunday 24th

I’ve been doing this Kids Club 13 things for a while – the events have been great! super cool, fun and very different places that you can take the family to… if you’re not great at making your own plans then JOIN NOW! they have great events once a month all over the NYC area (and outside northern NJ and Westchester too).  This trip around we’re going large we’re going to the Intrepid (can you hear the man grrrr in the back round!) this is totally a trip for Dads to really get involved with!

“Calling All Explorers!” at the Intrepid Museum
October 24, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Link: http://kids.thirteen.org/2010/03/02/calling-all-explorers-at-the-intrepid-museum/
Discover and learn about Sea, Air and Space as you explore the Intrepid Museum! Admission is free for Kids Club Thirteen members, and Cyberchase‘s favorite cyber-bird Digit will meet-and-greet fans and hand out free Cyber-goodies in the Kids Club Member Zone!

  • Join Kids Club Thirteen at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum on Sunday, October 24th!Explore the newly restored areas of the ship, plus aircraft and interactive exhibits that investigate space, flight, water, and life at sea aboard Intrepid. And there’s hands-on fun in the EXPLOREUM! – the museum’s new interactive learning zone.
  • Cyberchase’s favorite cyber-bird Digit will meet-and-greet fans in the Kids Club Member Zone! Arrive early for great giveaways (while supplies lasts)!
  • Kids Club Thirteen members receive free admission (don’t forget to bring your temporary card), and enjoy a members-only experience, episode screenings of Cyberchase and special crafts & activities.

Event Schedule

10 a.m – 1 p.m. Member Zone open to Kids Club members –
On-going hands-on crafts & activities, including Cyberchase episode screenings and Digit meet & greet.
11 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. ‘Four Forces of Flight’ demonstration led by Intrepid staff
11:30 a.m. – noon Explore Challenge guided tour Group A
noon – 12:30 p.m ‘Four Forces of Flight’ demonstration led by Intrepid staff
12:30 p.m. – 1 p.m. Explore Challenge guided tour Group B

Suggested member activities

Weekend Demonstrations 2:00 – 4:00
Families are invited to drop by the Discovery Deck in the Exploreum for a hands-on project that explores the themes of the temporary 27 Seconds exhibit- safety and heroism.

Discovery Cart 2:00 – 4:00
Stop by the Discovery Cart in the Hangar Deck to explore artifacts from the Intrepid during World War II with a Museum Educator.

Do you have a lil Space Ranger? AMNH: Astronaut Appearance, Performances & Concerts – 10.10.10

DAZZLING Performances, Live Concerts, and SPACE-THEMED Activities Highlight All-Day Celebration of the 10th anniversary of the rose center for earth and space at the American museum of Natural History

New Big Bang Presentation Premiers NASA Astronaut Michael Massimino Makes Special Appearance Special Asimov Debate Concludes Festivities in Evening

WHAT To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Frederick Phineas and Sandra Priest Rose Center for Earth and Space, the American Museum of Natural History will host a special celebration for all ages featuring dazzling performances, live concerts, hands-on activities, presentations by Museum scientists, and a special appearance by NASA astronaut Michael Massimino.

Festivities will include the world premiere of the new Big Bang presentation, which takes visitors on an exciting journey through the universe, and of the spectacular AstroBulletin showing a Science Bulletin about the last 10 years of astrophysics.

Celebrating 10 years of achievements in Earth and space science, the afternoon will feature:

  • Space Panorama: Watch British performer Andrew Dawson as he recreates the historic Apollo 11 flight using only hand movements, facial expressions, narration, music, and a table.
  • AstroCappella: Rock out to sweet sounds of The Chromatics, a unique singing group that blends astronomy and music to create songs about the universe that are out of this world.
  • Native American Sky Stories: Listen to Grammy Award winner Joanne Shenandoah and historian Doug George present Native American Sky Stories with music, dance, and more.
  • Scientists, Activities, and More: Meet Museum scientists, view a Moon rock, experience work in space with astronaut glove boxes, and meet astronaut Michael Massimino.

To conclude the evening, Frederick P. Rose Hayden Planetarium Director Neil deGrasse Tyson will host a special Rose Center Anniversary Isaac Asimov Debate, “Is Earth Unique?”

WHEN Sunday, October 10, 10 am–5:45 pm Rose Center Anniversary Isaac Asimov Debate: 7 pm

WHERE Frederick Phineas and Sandra Priest Rose Center for Earth and Space Rose Center Anniversary Isaac Asimov Debate: LeFrak Theater

ADMISSION All performances and activities from 10 am–5:45 pm are free with Museum admission Rose Center Anniversary Asimov Debate:  $15 adults $13.50 Members, seniors and students

URL www.amnh.org

FOLLOW Find the Museum on Facebook at facebook.com/naturalhistory or visit twitter.com/AMNH to follow us on Twitter.