Casting Call For New Game Show “Who Knows Who?”

Casting Call For New Game Show “Who Knows Who?”


From the network that brought you “THE VOICE” AND “DEAL OR NO DEAL”, comes their next big hit, “WHO KNOWS WHO.” The show that is bringing back “Family TV Night” across the nation! That one night of the week where the entire family gathers together to enjoy a show that will appeal to everyone. Your little ones will love it as much as your teens!

“WHO KNOWS WHO” will combine elements of pop culture trivia and knowledge of facts, quirks, and stories about your very own teammates. Grab your closest friends, roommates, siblings, parents, co-workers, fiancé, even your spunky grandma, and come on down Saturday April 18th to the NBC Experience Store at Rockefeller Plaza. Doors open at 10!

If you’ve seen the classic episode of FRIENDS, where the guys team up against girls and are quizzed to see who knows more about each other’s lives, that will give you a hint as to the tone of our new series.

With WHO KNOWS WHO, expect the unexpected!

Celebrate Summer With New Programming on the Hub!

Celebrate Summer With New Programming on the Hub!

This summer, there’s a host of excellent new entertainment for the whole family on the Hub, including new episodes of your favorite shows and family movie premieres! Check out what’s coming up with our schedule below:

Friday, July 11: HUB Network Family Movie Premiere

The Mighty Ducks” (7–9 p.m. ET)

Tough trial lawyer Gordon Bombay never loses.  But when he’s slapped with community service, he must coach a ragtag team of pee wee hockey players who can’t skate, score, or win!  Bombay soon realizes there are more important things than winning.

Rating: TV-PG


Saturday, July 12: NEW EPISODES!

Littlest Pet Shop” (10:30–11 a.m. ET)

“What’s So Scary About the Jungle? Everything!”: Penny Ling is excited to meet Mrs. Twombly’s friend Tess Gregory, the host of a popular TV nature show. But the famous zoologist is mysteriously less-than-thrilled to meet Penny Ling, and Blythe and the pets are determined to figure out why.

Transformers Rescue Bots” (1:30–2 p.m. ET)

July 12 – “Odd Bot Out”: Blades feels left out when Bumblebee, on a mission to Griffin Rock, partners up with Dani.

Kid President: Declaration of Awesome” (7–7:30 p.m. ET)

“Kid President Made an Episode About Neighbors”: Kid President hosts “The Neighborhoodies,” an awards show celebrating good neighbors. In addition, Kid President collects earth items to send to the world’s space neighbors via satellite. Guest appearances by NBA star Jeremy Lin, the musical group “A Great Big World” and astronaut Ron Garan.


Friday, July 18: HUB Network Family Movie Premiere

Legally Blondes” (7–9 p.m. ET)

The youngest cousins of Elle Woods move to California from England and show the same spunk to defend themselves from prep school bullies.

Rating: TV-PG

Saturday, July 19: NEW EPISODES!

Littlest Pet Shop” (10:30–11 a.m. ET)

“Two Pets for Two Pests”: Blythe has to help convince the Biskits to keep a set of twin chinchillas they got just for one day, while Sunil tries to prove to Minka that he can paint as well as she can.

Transformers Rescue Bots” (1:30–2 p.m. ET)

“The Griffin Rock Express”: While the Rescue Team is kept busy renovating a train tunnel from the Mainland, a mysterious Superhero watches over Griffin Rock.


Saturday, July 26: NEW EPISODES!

Littlest Pet Shop” (10:30–11 a.m. ET)

“Feud for Thought”: When Brittany gets a higher grade on a test, she shuns Whittany and starts hanging out with Blythe and the other “smart kids.” At LPS, two quarrelling koalas split the pets into opposing camps.

Transformers Rescue Bots” (1:30–2 p.m. ET)

“Double Villainy”: Griffin Rock’s most dastardly villains team up in a plan to kidnap the Rescue Bots and destroy the island.

Spoiling the kids with Hanukkah and Christmas gifts but still teaching the meaning of both

Spoiling the kids with Hanukkah and Christmas gifts but still teaching the meaning of both

BbEjDymIQAAUrEXChrismukkah is a pop-culture referring to the merging of the holidays of Christianity’s Christmas and Judaism’s Hanukkah.  In my house thats just how we roll… I’m a beyond reformed jew (love bacon cheese burgers) and my wife grew up with the WWJD crowd.  Its always made for interesting discussions and of course some mutual agreed discussion about what we’re doing with our family.

My answer has always been we’ll give them the best of both worlds… but I still wanted a bris for my son (and hopefully a bar mitzvah) we’ll see plenty of time for that in the future. But this year Hanukkah came early like once in every 70,000 years early but most of the time it falls right around the holidays of christmas.

I’ve always loved the idea of having a tree and that was one of the first hanukkah gifts I ever got my wife when we started our life together.  Over the years we’ve gone to hallmark stores and collected our yearly ornaments but never found the right tree topper.  But this year I think we finally nailed it! MyTreeTopper has made the perfect top to our tree a star of david. How perfect is that her tree and a topper that represents me.

When you celebrate both holidays the kids are going to get spoiled – thats bound to happen each side of the extended family celebrates their holidays (and sometimes my family celebrates both) so while my son just keeps unwrapping gifts – I try to take a second and remind him about how lucky he is that he gets what he gets and more importantly he gets to spend time with his family and his extended family – which usually includes grandparents sometimes great-grandparents.

Of course the older he gets the more he’ll be able to look back and really see how lucky he is… I certainly look at my son and daughter and know how lucky they are to have two amazing celebrations of faith all giving thanks in some way or another.

Oh and seeing another combination of passions – My Tree Topper will be on Shark Tank (and I love shark tank) plus we’ll be having a twitter party too..

Join@MyTreeTopper for a twitter party leading up to Shark Tank on Friday, December 13. The twitter party will be hosted from 8-9 EST (Shark Tank begins at 9) using hashtags #MyTreeTopper and #SharkTank. Prizes include a $100 Master Card Gift Card.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Hanukkah Tree Topper, in association with Katadhin.

The fears I have

The fears I have

I was talking with a friend recently about the fears that I have as a father and as a man.  Its not really something simple that we talk about all the time (as men or just people in general). We joke about death by using items like bucket lists to really talk about the things we want to get done before we’re gone.  Josh (@DadStreet) and I talked about a bit of this on LateNightParents this week, when we talked about the Jackie O recordings and what we’d leave behind for our children (I’ll pick this point up again later).

I know by this point you are already thinking its time to click to a different site – something shinny and happy… you’re also thinking WTF adam I read dadarocks for the light stuff the funny the good – as I said months ago – I’m going to try to balance – so stick with me on this one.

If you’re not a close personal friend or been around the few and far between tweets – I had a bit of a scare last year, I had a heart attack. Yup, no history of issues… typical guy I avoided doctors unless there was something wrong. Everything was just like what the TV shows say it will be like – a crushing feeling on your chest and some arm pain. Fast forward 8 months the pain is gone…. but there is something new that I never really had before is the fear of what if I did die, what if I have another heart attack tomorrow (no one knows).

Add to that the typical family man stuff of making a living, enjoying my family, balancing work/life, juggling family/friends – now add to this the fear of what if.

I really dont know – I try to live for today – I’ve been trying to push away all the fears.  Yah I have issues I know… I get that.  I also get that I’m not letting this fear cripple me, but I do want to plan for something – just incase.  All the legal stuff is good to go (wills, insurance, ect) but what about a message to the loved ones (this is what Josh and I were talking about) I have had on my to do list to create some videos for my wife and child should I go the way of the dinosaur and I really wonder how other deal? if others plan? do you write journals? do some recordings?

TeleNav takes me to Sesame Place – Family 4 Pack of Tickets Giveaway

TeleNav takes me to Sesame Place – Family 4 Pack of Tickets Giveaway

Knowing is half the battle and knowing where you’re going is well much more… my family really loves heading to Sesame Place and we’ve done the print out directions route before and this trip I wanted to put the TeleNav AT&T navigator to the test.

The app got us there in a little under an hour and forty minutes, it automatically re-routed around some delays in New Jersey, which actually helped get us there before the rain came.

I spoke the command Sesame Place within seconds up popped the address, created directions and we were on our way.  The day was a blast – it was part of their Christmas in July event – which is why you’ll see some Santa hats on the characters.  You’ll also clearly see how much of a fool I’ll make of myself in front of hundreds of strangers and a few other bloggers… so I thought why not share this totally embarrassing video of me trying to bring a smile to my kids face while daddy dances by the stage.

As you can read in my past Sesame Place posts – its a great amusement park for families with young children to tweens.  I think the teenagers would get bored.  There are enough rides that any child from 3-11 will easily have fun much beyond that age the rides might get a little “young” for them.

Half the park is water rides which I would say is great for the 5-11 and most of the dry rides are great for that general 3-9 range.  The admission prices arent terrible as there is usually a deal to be found at McDonald’s and they’re currently running the special of buying a 2012 season pass get the rest of 2011 for free.

Plenty of great times coming up with visits from Max and Ruby, The Dirty Sock Funtime band, and the holidays of celebrations like The Counts Halloween Spooktacular and a very furry Christmas.

Everyone a blast at sesame street – I have some really fun pictures of us on the rollercoaster but I’m barred from showing them online for pain of death from my sister and wife (yup it was a family outing).  As I said we got there before the rain (thankfully) and really enjoyed the park.  We made it around the corner to a stop at Chick-fil-a (one of our favorites that isnt in New York) and we used TeleNav’s AT&T Navigator app to get us home.

How to win it… Contest ends 11:59pm EST. September 7, 2011.

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