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The lightup.io faraday kit teaches kids STEM in a great way

818gbNz3zLL._SL1500_Usually I get pitched dozens of items a day, many of them say we have a kickstarter going – usually I just stop reading there but there was something different in the way Lightup talked about what they’re doing.  It also helped that they’ve successfully proven in a prior kickstarter that kids can play and learn with their system. ...  [ read more ]

CE Week Highlights

20140625_092830_resizedAside from what we saw via Techlicious, there was plenty of exciting technology to get a look at during this year’s CE Week. Here are our highlights from the show:

Paper and Pencil by FiftyThree

App developer FiftyThree kicks off our list of CE Week hits with their app and stylus combo “Paper” and “Pencil.” The simply-titled inventions work together to give artists, designers, and the like a unique way to work with and create digital art. Pencil in particular (which connects with its precursor and companion Paper through Bluetooth integration) is an easy-to-use, pressure-sensitive stylus that greatly improves the Paper experience. Paper alone won a slew of awards in 2012 (the year it debuted), including Apple’s iPad app of the Year award, and with Pencil by its side it is certainly unlike anything else currently available for tablets. ...  [ read more ]