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A desk for those that aren’t 9-5ers – The Edge Desk

a3c35f9a-628e-4fc4-a30e-fa78147176dcFor most of us (no not all), gone are the days of working in an office or cubicle 9-5 from the same desk 5 days a week.    Over the last year or so there’s been a lot of attention around new innovations in desks, but I haven’t seen one that speaks to the modern day worker, someone that will work on their bed first thing when they wake up, then their couch two hours later.  That may be because they don’t have the space for a regular desk, or they simply lack in comfort and portability. With the Edge Desk we’ve solved that problem and more!  The Edge is designed for very small spaces like apartments, dorms, shared offices (it folds flat for quick storage and then folds out into full custom fit in 6-seconds) complete with a variety of available accessories! ...  [ read more ]