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Don Draper always on time with these retro Skagen Denmark watches

Don Draper from Mad Men has swagger [Urban Dictionary] and he knows what to say at the right moment – which is all about timing. Actually one thing I can attest too is timing, timing is everything in life. You may be just a moment away from closing a business deal, but if you missed your train/subway then the whole deal is blown. Keeping track of time is key and well you might as well look good while keeping that time! ...  [ read more ]

Don Draper returns… how does he get that clean save?! must be The Art of Shaving

Don Draper
Don Draper

Mad men, which is set in the 1960’s around the men (and women) of Madison Avenue who develop the art of spin and really what advertising is today. Is set to return for another season starting Sunday on AMC (check your local cable/satellite listings).  I love this show, first its total guy/dude/dad sprinkle in the women (who were still fighting for equal rights at the time this is set is clearly being shown). Beyond that its just awesome how much cooler things look then compared to now… yes I’m a total retro junkie but you know what everything was made better back then (heck even iphones were made better a year or two ago – lol [I’m an apple lover just needed to put it out there])… But really the cars built there are still running today, the furniture built then was solid like toss two toddlers on the desk and let them jump and not a dent – today you’d have two kids on the floor crying with splintered polyboard wood chips around them. ...  [ read more ]