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Disney’s Magic Kingdom – Our first time as a family

We did it! We survived it! It was totally worth it!

Disney world’s Magic Kingdom is an awesome place it for me brings memories of my childhood as I imagine many of you.  Yet, 20 years later its still amazing and awe-inspiring.

We stayed at the DoubleTree which was on Disney World property which included bus service to and from the park.  If I had to do it again I would have driven to the park. The bus service came once an hour some where between 30-45 after the hour, it would stop at 5 other hotels before our and then head right to the park. Going to the park via the bus was OK, but it was getting home at night that was terrible! First they take you from magic kingdom to another property (say Epcot) then to the first 5 hotels about an hour later you get back to the hotel (uggg). Lesson learned pay the $15 and park using the shuttle bus service (which is SUPER SUPER FAST!). ...  [ read more ]