Happy Father’s Day from Pampers #ThanksBaby

Happy Father’s Day from Pampers #ThanksBaby

cb4000I sat with Chris Pegula who created Diaper Dude who also is on the Pampers Baby Board.  Part of being on the board is from time to time we’re asked to host special giveaways like this one for Father’s Day.

Pampers wanted to say Happy Father’s Day and create this heart warming #ThanksBaby video. So I asked Chris whats Father’s Days like in his home and give us some tips.

True-DudeIn my household I’m usually the one excited about giving rather than receiving gifts. So when it comes to Father’s Day, it’s a bit challenging to figure out what I need. But if there are dad’s out there like me, then these 3 tips are sure to satisfy the dad who has it all.

I love family time. As my kids are getting older I find we have less and less time to spend together. So come Father’s Day I really appreciate a morning breakfast with my wife and three kids. Be it a simple cup of coffee with yogurt and fruit or scrambled eggs and an English muffin. It’s not about what I’m eating it’s about   the company. Take the time to start the day off right…together.

If you find that breakfast goes smoothly and your little or big ones are in a good mood, a nice stroll around the neighborhood with the kids and dog in tow is another top choice I would appreciate on this special day. Again spending time one on one with those that mean the most to me really fills my heart. So often we are rushing to get the kids to school or daycare or what have you. A day of simply hanging out and taking it all in is a dream. We all need to reboot at some point so why not make it a day that honors you?

Finally, grab a notebook and title the page I love you because. Take the time to share with your wife and kids why you love them and let them share why they love you. You will really appreciate what they have to say. When your finished you have a keepsake that is worth way more than that ol’ coffee mug or silk tie and socks. Meaningful gifts are those that come from the heart in my book. Why add waste when you can gain experience and moments you’ll remember for years to come.

Here’s to a Father’s Day filled with Peace and Love!

Whats in the special Father’s Day giveaway?

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Books for Dad this Father’s Day

Books for Dad this Father’s Day

In the spirit of Father’s Day this weekend, here’s a look at some books that deal with the many facets of fatherhood. We recommend these not only as gifts any dad would enjoy for Father’s Day, but also just as good reads for dads anytime!

51EX7L1m3dL“Good Talk, Dad: The Birds and the Bees… And Other Conversations We Forgot to Have”

This book, by CBS Sunday Morning correspondent Bill Geist and his son, Today Show host Willie Geist, tackles father-son conversations in a unique way. Told in a conversational, back-and-forth style between the father/son duo, the book showcases the pair  riffing on fatherhood, religion, music, sports, summer camp disasters, driving lessons gone horribly wrong, being on TV, and their wonderfully odd family life. Good Talk, Dad: The Birds and the Bees… And Other Conversations We Forgot to Have is an excellent look at the relationship between fathers and sons, and perfect for Father’s Day.


51jpbP0MLBLThe Parents’ Phrase Book: Hundreds of Easy, Useful Phrases, Scripts, and Techniques for Every Situation

Have you ever needed just the right answer when your child asks you something, but you just can’t quite put the answer into the right words?  With The Parents’ Phrase Book, you no longer have to worry about coming up with the right response on the spot. The Parents’ Phrase Book gives you an inside track to all the things you’ll need to know so your kids never catch you off guard with a question or concern ever again. Author and parenting expert Whit Honea offers perfect examples in this handy guide that will prove invaluable for any dad.

41Y61zfFy1LFrom Dude to Dad: The Diaper Dude Guide to Pregnancy

Written by Diaper Dude creator Chris Pegula, From Dude to Dad is a fantastic guide to new fatherhood. It gives you the need-to-know essentials on pregnancy, birthing, and parenthood, and how it’s okay to be scared out of your mind. You’ll learn what the expecting mom is going through during each trimester, how you can be the best partner and dad-to-be, and how to immediately start bonding with baby. This one’s perfect for all the new dads out there! 


61uj3c0KtKLDad’s Book of Awesome Projects: From Stilts and Superhero Capes to Tinker Boxes and Seesaws, 25+ Do-It Yourself Projects for Families

Dads are certainly a crafty bunch, in the best of ways– and Dad’s Book of Awesome Projects helps you indulge that tinkering side by teaching you how to build all kinds of things with your kids!  From wooden “swords” to slay the most vicious of dragons to circus stilts that will send you soaring to new heights, these projects are sure to spark everyone’s creative spirit. And the fun doesn’t stop there! This book shows you and your kids how to build:

  • Comic book shoes
  • Rope swings
  • Homemade goo slime
  • Eggshell cupcakes
  • Ol’-fashioned fruit crate scooter

Perfect for inspiring endless hours of summertime (and anytime!) fun, giving a dad this book also offers tons of valuable family time together with his children.

51akrHyW3TLThe Guide to Baby Sleep Positions: Survival Tips for Co-Sleeping Parents

Written by Andy Herald and Charlie Capen of HowToBeADad.com, The Guide to Baby Sleep Positions offers hilarious infographics, descriptions, and more about the trials and tribulations of sleeping with a baby in the bed. The Guide to Baby Sleep Positions features some of the most popular posts from their site (we can’t leave out “H is for Hell” or “Jazz Hands”), but two-thirds of the content will be unique to the book, and ALL of the positions will be accompanied by new text.  These two Dads NAIL IT! If you’ve ever had a need to co-sleep with your baby/toddler/child, you know that this stuff happens, but whether you’ve experienced these bedtime contortions or not yet, you’ll find some humor and fun in this book!

51MWOYsDWJLDadLabs (TM) Guide to Fatherhood

Stuck in a rough situation parenting-wise and not sure who to ask? We’ve got the perfect book for you. Full of hilarious and practical information inspired by their award-winning Web site, DadLabs Guide to Fatherhood will teach you:

•  Why sex is overrated (and other lies new fathers tell themselves)
•  The incredibly disgusting varieties of baby poop
•  Why washing bottles will not make your balls fall off
•  Essential OB/GYN office survival tips
•  Things you should never ever say during labor
•  Why other parents’ children are inferior to yours
•  And much, much more!

51ezzIb9KWLBobblehead Dad: 25 Life Lessons I Forgot I Knew

Bobblehead Dad tells the story of how author Jim Higley went from being a bobblehead who just put on a smiling face and bobbled through his hectic, overflowing days to reanalyzing and living his life in the wake of a cancer diagnosis.  Written in an informal but eloquent style, Bobblehead Dad keeps you laughing, crying and–most importantly–thinking. Higley’s distinctive storytelling rhythm, combined with a knack for handling heavy topics with an embraceable voice, quickly draws you into his experiences–while launching you on your own journey of self-discovery and reflection. It’s a great read that reaffirms the importance of fatherhood and dads taking care of their families even in today’s crazy world.



Father’s Day Gift idea: Clothes that make the DAD!  with Giveaway

Father’s Day Gift idea: Clothes that make the DAD! with Giveaway

I’ve been loving a few clothing companies lately that are really doing amazing things for kids and for dads.

Blume – good lord those clothes are tooooooo cute! Who doesnt love a baby in a tie. Matching outfits aren’t just for moms and daughters anymore. With Father’s Day quickly approaching you can stop scrambling to find dad the perfect gift. This Father’s Day your ‘little man’ can buy dad a shirt to match. Blume introduces the “Big Man” collection, the same tie tees in a big new way!

Kourtney Kardashian - Mason wears Blume!

Tori & Dean's Liam

Beckham Boys

Blume is the innovator of the “Little Man” collection- the real handmade ties on tees have been featured in lots of glossy mags like PEOPLE, US Weekly, and OK! with trendsetting celebrity tots like the Beckham Boys, Kourtney Kardashian’s son- Mason, and Tori Spelling’s son – Liam.  All the buzz inspired us to enlarge the offerings  – literally! Just ask Shaquille O’Neal who got the ball rolling on this new trend when he requested a week’s worth of tie tees to match all the ones his sons had – yes, they all really do own Blume Tie Tees! Little boys hope to grow up to be just like their fathers, until then they can dress like them with Blume!
Blume prides itself on creating comfortable, fun, fashionable items for the whole family. Blume collections can be found in fine stores nationwide like Barneys and online at www.blumeguy.com and www.blumebaby.com. The other cool part is they don’t limit ties to just the boys, they’ve got great little girl tie sets too.We’ve got a great giveaway at the bottom of the post from blume too – we’re giving away a Blume’s Father and Son Tie Tees Set… Just a quick note these aren’t real ties these are part of the shirts.



Rockstar Revolution – who is offering 20% off for all of your followers for probably one of the greatest Fathers Day T-shirts on the planet! ‘The Daddy of All Daddies’ is available in 2 colors – Brown Ink on Vintage Blue shirt and Silver Ink on Black shirt and in sizes Small through 5XL.  Here’s the link to the shirt: http://www.rockstarrevolution.com/product-p/dad%201.htm simply enter the code DADDY at checkout to receive 20% off the price of the shirt. They also have RAD (yes you heard me RAD) baby and toddler shirts.




DaddyScrubs – For those that want to be there during the c-section and declare I’m the daddy (not the doctor) or just to have some cozy clothes to hang around the house Daddy Scrubs is just that… Http://www.daddyscrubs.com as another option.





Dapper Dude from Diaper Dude – We all know and love the Diaper Dude diaper bags – they’ve come out with a really cute line of father/son ties.  The ties come in two different sizes Boys Zipper Tie 14” (age 3T-6) or Youth Zipper Tie 17” (age 7-12). What is a Zipper Tie? (available in child sizing only). A zipper tie is a tie that is pre-tied with a zipper built in to the knot. You unzip the tie to remove it and zip it up to wear it. Keep and eye out on the DadaRocks’s Facebook page for some great father’s day giveaways this week.





How to win it… Contest ends 11:59pm EST. June 16th, 2011.
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