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Time for a sleepover with Dora time for a new toddler bed

Dora is 10 years old… wow Happy Birthday Dora – I’ll totally admit it when I first heard of this cartoon ten years ago I never thought 10 years later I’d be watching it with my son. Yet here I am watching Dora the Explorer: Dora’s Slumber Party [Link] a compilation DVD containing six of Dora’s bedtime adventures. Sure my child’s first complex word was backpack between that and map its given him hours of enjoyment – I really also hope its teaching him some basics of a second language because I certainly know I’m barely ok with English.  The DVD of Dora’s slumber party is cute and is pretty good tv for before bed as it contains the theme its time for sweet dreams. 
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Win an entire Toy Story Toddler Bedroom Set & Family Movie Tickets

DaDa Rocks & Delta Children’s Products – Toy Story Bedroom Set & Family Movie Tickets Giveaway

Who’s excited for Toy Story 3? We certainly are! And we know that every child loves their toys and “No Toy is Left Behind”.

In celebration of the movie which is set to be released on June 18th – we have partnered with Delta Children’s Products to giveaway a Toy Story Bedroom Set and movie tickets for the family! ...  [ read more ]