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BloggerBash 2014: Mommy Tech Summit and BabyPalooza

Being a parent is no easy job, but thankfully, there’s something new around every corner to help moms and dads like us. At Blogger Bash 2014’s Mommy Tech Summit and BabyPalooza, we got a look at some of the great products available to give parents some much-needed assistance in the challenges of everyday life with kids. Here’s some of our highlights from the showcase: ...  [ read more ]

Disney Cars Deluxe Rocking Chair by Delta Children

Having a toddler really means a mini copy cat… they do whatever you want to do or plan on doings… the best example is prepping food for a meal – whenever we go into the kitchen our child runs in and starts shouting I want to help!

Well when we are sitting on the couch he wants a square – but we’re totally trying to break him of these habits and having furniture that is his size and really build/bought for him makes it much easier. ┬áIt also helps to have characters on the item that he really connects with… ...  [ read more ]