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One is a voice, many is a revolution

It must of been rough since Friday was a snow day there was no post, no I wasn’t snowed in from my computer but I carry DaDa Rocks like a job so my office was closed so was the blog.

Ok great that explains Friday – its now Tuesday where was Monday’s post…  Well thats simple I was working on a super secret project (ok its no so secret if you’re a dad and follow my twitter feed) but none the less no URLs will be given out just yet.

Last night a bunch of Dads got together online to discuss working together on a collaborative project.  There are Stay at home dads, working dads, east coast dads, west coast dads, centralized dads, and northern and of course southern dads as well.  Its the idea that we each speak our own mind and its a voice but if we join forces to work on this project it might just be a revolution.

I found this image of the Losties from Springfield Punx [Link] and I kind of imagine that’s what the group will look like one day.  There are elements inside of the TV show lost that I do really like – the people dynamic from season 1 & 2 are now just replaced by time travel and dead people coming back to life but at the core to me was season 1 & 2 was about building a team; building a community.

There are many different ways community is formed but for the dad blogger thats a little harder.  While there are trends these days to poo-poo us for wanting to join the blogosphere, mainly because there are a few bad apples in the game for a quick buck. There are others who are making a real go at it…

I hope the state of the dad blog stays strong – I hope what this group of dad bloggers builds is something special and something that lasts. Stayed tuned to the revolution!