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The future of DadaRocks and Cision Names Top 50 Daddy Bloggers

If you read my blog you know I’ve started someplace very different then where I am today based on input from family, friends, PR, Brands, Bloggers, and my own ideas of trying to move forward (without a direction)… no matter what… writing for me isnt the easiest – while if you sit down with me; I can just talk and talk and talk… usually with a pretty good idea of the topic I’m talking about…. but here it is over a year and half after starting this project (which I thought was going to be a little hobby) never excepting it to have grown into what it is today.  Since that time I’ve co-founded numerous other daddy projects like dadrevolution.com and dadstalking.com with great dads in the community of twitter.  Lately I’ve been working with Josh Becker of DadStreet.com on LateNightParents.com which is a little different then other projects because its not just writing its video and its also a live show. ...  [ read more ]

March Madness its brackets time!

Here we are less then 36 hours from the start of the 2010 March Madness Tournament. If you’re looking to join in on the fun with some brackets, check out http://bit.ly/9QKMZh password: kids – Here is my pool for Dads and Moms out there.

Who are your picks? mine will be under lock and key until Thursday at noon, when the tourney kicks off. ...  [ read more ]

One is a voice, many is a revolution

It must of been rough since Friday was a snow day there was no post, no I wasn’t snowed in from my computer but I carry DaDa Rocks like a job so my office was closed so was the blog.

Ok great that explains Friday – its now Tuesday where was Monday’s post…  Well thats simple I was working on a super secret project (ok its no so secret if you’re a dad and follow my twitter feed) but none the less no URLs will be given out just yet. ...  [ read more ]