The future of DadaRocks and Cision Names Top 50 Daddy Bloggers

The future of DadaRocks and Cision Names Top 50 Daddy Bloggers

If you read my blog you know I’ve started someplace very different then where I am today based on input from family, friends, PR, Brands, Bloggers, and my own ideas of trying to move forward (without a direction)… no matter what… writing for me isnt the easiest – while if you sit down with me; I can just talk and talk and talk… usually with a pretty good idea of the topic I’m talking about…. but here it is over a year and half after starting this project (which I thought was going to be a little hobby) never excepting it to have grown into what it is today.  Since that time I’ve co-founded numerous other daddy projects like and with great dads in the community of twitter.  Lately I’ve been working with Josh Becker of on which is a little different then other projects because its not just writing its video and its also a live show.

Why am I saying all this — for a very long time I’ve been tinkering with a DADAROCKS overhaul and between some recent interactions and some desire to push myself a little bit more… its going to be happening soon…  I’ll be doing more personal content (that hasnt been there in a while), bring in some video into dadarocks, covering more of things I’d like to see and do, some travel, some of my day job which is web programming and social media – just overall I’m hoping to move it all forward and to the next level but I have a better idea this time around of the direction.

When I recieved an email saying I was going to be listed as a top daddy blogger I did a little happy dance – its nice to get a little pat on the back. You know a little at-a-boy.  Being named number two – yes thats RIGHT #2 daddy blogger based on klout score is pretty pretty awesome.  Congrats to the other 49 Dads who are on this list – I know the hours we put in to this isnt just one or two a week.  Check out the Cision Top 50 Daddy Bloggers List and stayed tuned as you’ll start to see some changes first in content and then in design…. then a of new stuff should be exciting or it’ll be a terrible fail but one things for sure you cant just sit still and let it all just pass you by.

March Madness its brackets time!

March Madness its brackets time!

Here we are less then 36 hours from the start of the 2010 March Madness Tournament. If you’re looking to join in on the fun with some brackets, check out password: kids – Here is my pool for Dads and Moms out there.

Who are your picks? mine will be under lock and key until Thursday at noon, when the tourney kicks off.

Am I rooting for a team? nope, while Rochester Institute of Technology had sports (mainly hockey) I was a fan when I was there and certainly not a fan as an alumni (sad to say). I even thought about graduate school at a point because I wanted to be able to cheer for a school that had sports in its past and future.

Any tips in picking teams? nope, in years past I did great and never watched a game. Other years I’d watch a ton of college hoops and get my teeth kicked in.

I’m a mom blogger can my partner pick for me? Sure everyone is welcomed.

I’m a dad blogger can my partner pick for me? Sure everyone is welcomed.

How much should a blogger earn?

How much should a blogger earn?

After reading this great article by Jennifer James – How Much Should Mom Bloggers Earn? [Link]. I figured I should put my two cents in and its fitting that its only two cents since thats what I found on the ground today, so I’ll count that as my blog earnings for today.

Chris Brogan announced that he makes $22,000.00 – wow – I could be debit free in less then two days.  I could have paid for my sons college fund within 2 weeks. I could have paid for our dream apartment in less then 120 days. I could then pay for a second home by the beach in sag harbor in about 90 days after that.

SIGN ME UP! I have met Chris at Web 2.0 Submit in NY – truly a really nice guy (and a dad). I love how he’s parlayed his skills in to a revenue stream that makes me sick and I can only work towards this goal.

In the article by Jennifer its as if she takes a swipe at the Mom bloggers for working for free so long.  While I’m sure there are people out there working for free many people I’ve meet or talk to have a true income stream coming from their blog.

Some would ask do I have an income stream, not yet.  I’m just starting to get my brand out into the PR world and I have a very long way to go. It’s a start but my mission isn’t to make money first it’s to help others, without hurting my family (really my wife’s boundaries).

I have some goals this year… work on being a published author, being a popular dad blog, generate some income from the blog, become a speaker (I’ve done speaking engagements before and really enjoyed it, everything expect creating the powerpoint deck). What are your goals? What are your goals as a blogger?

One is a voice, many is a revolution

One is a voice, many is a revolution

It must of been rough since Friday was a snow day there was no post, no I wasn’t snowed in from my computer but I carry DaDa Rocks like a job so my office was closed so was the blog.

Ok great that explains Friday – its now Tuesday where was Monday’s post…  Well thats simple I was working on a super secret project (ok its no so secret if you’re a dad and follow my twitter feed) but none the less no URLs will be given out just yet.

Last night a bunch of Dads got together online to discuss working together on a collaborative project.  There are Stay at home dads, working dads, east coast dads, west coast dads, centralized dads, and northern and of course southern dads as well.  Its the idea that we each speak our own mind and its a voice but if we join forces to work on this project it might just be a revolution.

I found this image of the Losties from Springfield Punx [Link] and I kind of imagine that’s what the group will look like one day.  There are elements inside of the TV show lost that I do really like – the people dynamic from season 1 & 2 are now just replaced by time travel and dead people coming back to life but at the core to me was season 1 & 2 was about building a team; building a community.

There are many different ways community is formed but for the dad blogger thats a little harder.  While there are trends these days to poo-poo us for wanting to join the blogosphere, mainly because there are a few bad apples in the game for a quick buck. There are others who are making a real go at it…

I hope the state of the dad blog stays strong – I hope what this group of dad bloggers builds is something special and something that lasts. Stayed tuned to the revolution!