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Protect your digital self

Welcome to the age where photos are files and memories can be deleted within a millisecond of a virus or a bad keystroke.  When I was a kid we could drop off rolls and rolls of film at the camera store and pickup hundreds of prints (most junk) and the few good one we’d store into photo albums (remember those).  Now I dont even print 1/100th of the photos that we take. Even although they’re priceless memories of my son growing up they sit on my harddrive.  No I’m not about to tell you a story of how I lost my drive and along with that the history of my son. My Aunt had me rush out to Long Island a few weeks ago to save her from that fate (she got a virus that ruined the computer) and I was able to boot into safe mode long enough to copy 40 gigs of photos.  Thats eight years of digital images of my cousin growing up that would have been lost. ...  [ read more ]