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Be the Parent… Be the Parent… na na na na na na na, na naaaaa

na na na na na na na, na naaaaa – some times parenthood just happens, sometimes its searched for, sometimes it needs a little assistance, sometimes its planned…  Yup planned thats what I’m working on now, I have the most amazing son who brings a smile to my face daily. Its become time to give him a little friend – <internal monolog: SWEET!> but my wife will cut me  if this one isnt a girl.  I’ve been a bit wishy-washy on this factor because boy or girl it doesnt matter but does it?  how many experiences would I miss out on by not having a girl – what happens? If I do get a lil girl then what atleast I’ve done it once with a boy – I tend to know what the bit and pieces do and how to take care of him…  It wasnt much of a conversation to stick with only having one child – but that thought crosses my mind all the time. What if we had just one child? would my son be missing out – would we?

So here I am up late at night reading Dr. Shettles’s book… searching google for old wives tales… looking at star maps and astrology guides… calendars from different cultures all in the hopes of working on sex selection – for that… (yah not going against my wife here) baby girl.  Got a tip let me know – we’re all ears…