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Creating New Year resolutions for a healthier eating habits for kids. #chobanikids #ad

img_0880For the last year I’ve been working with Chobani to share my family’s love for their products. With a new year upon us, we as parents will talk about dieting and eating healthier.  Well, maybe this year it shouldn’t just be talk… maybe that means filling it with healthier foods, especially for kids.  It’s so easy to fall into bad snacking habits for kids – I know it’s happens to us from time to time… you’re on the go, it’s cheaper, it’s sometimes easier…. but for the better part of the last year we’ve been eating Chobani Kids Greek Yogurt Tubes… I learned to keep 3 tubes in the freezer at all times, cause as we get up and go we don’t have to worry about keeping them cold – they’ll melt into the perfect Greek Yogurt snack.  Made with creamy lowfat yogurt, real fruit, and with 5g of protein and 25% less sugar than the leading kids’ yogurt it’s simply a healthier choice. ...  [ read more ]

Feeding three kids is an all day thing #ChobaniKids

img_8294Having an 8 year old getting up early in the morning to head off for 3rd grade, followed by my two late morning risers of my 3 & 1 year olds means we’re serving breakfast at 3 different times… which is amazingly easily if I’m dishing out a protein packed Chobani Kids Greek Yogurt pouch. Pull from fridge, pop the top and serve. Thankfully Chobani is a great breakfast snack since it’s 25% less sugar* than other kids yogurts. ...  [ read more ]