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Most American Children Have a Cell Phone by the Time They Turn Seven

nemo-selfieA survey by a leading coupon brand has revealed that the average age of a first time cell phone owner is six years old, with 53% of American children owning a cell phone by the time their seventh birthday arrives.

A leading coupon brand conducted a survey to find out more about the digital age and its effect on American consumerism. The survey intended to find out just how old people are when technology begins to integrate into their daily lives and habits. 2,290 US parents took part in the study, all of whom had at least one child aged between 11 and 16.

The survey, conducted by www.vouchercloud.net, revealed that the average American child gets their first cell phone when they are just six years old. Parents taking part in the poll were first asked to identify all devices which their children owned and were provided with a list of everyday technology items. The results were as follows:

  •  Cell Phone – 96%
  • Own TV / Sound system – 83%
  • Tablet – 75%
  • Handheld games console e.g. Nintendo DS – 71%
  • eBook Reader – 65%

51% of parents said their child had a games console, such as an Xbox or PlayStation. Without exception, the respondents who indicated that their child did not have a cell phone had children in the youngest age bracket (11 -12 years old), suggesting that the children over the age of 12 involved in the survey all had their own cell phones.

As a website that aims to save users money, vouchercloud.net wanted to determine how much money was being spent on gadgets by parents for their children. When asked to estimate how much their child’s gadget collection was worth and asked to take into account all technology devices that were exclusively theirs, the average answer stated was $462.00 per child.

The respondents whose children owned cell phones were asked, “At what age did your child have their first cell phone?” The vouchercloud.net team collaborated all of the answers given and calculated the average age for a child to have their first cell phone, which was revealed to be six years old.

When asked, “What made you decide to get your child their first cell phone?” the majority of respondents whose children had one (31%) confirmed that they made the purchase for ‘security reasons, so my child could always contact me’, while a quarter (25%) said ‘my child wanted one to keep in touch with friends and family’. A further 20% confirmed that they felt their child had to have one in order to ‘keep up with their friends at school’.

In order to explore the social pressures on parents, the relevant respondents were then asked “Compared to your child’s friendship circle, how quickly did s/he have his/her own phone?” The majority of the parents polled, 41%, confirmed that they were ‘not the first, but not the last’ to get a handset, while 23% confirmed that they felt their child was ‘among the last’ to have a cell phone they could call their own.

Asked about the risks and dangers of digital independence, 74% of the relevant parents confessed that they felt ‘concerned’ when they first purchased a cell phone for their child, with 46% of these installing parental filters and monitors prior to giving their child the device in order to keep a watchful eye on their usage.

Kids Food Festival a weekend of Flavorful Fun at Citi Pond in NYC

KFF poster jpeg smallThe Kids Food Festival, in partnership with Cooking Light celebrates its 2nd festival hosted at Citi Pond at Bryant Park and in collaboration with the James Beard Foundation.

Featured chefs include:

  • Ellie Krieger, Healthy Living
  • Candice Kumai, Cookbook Author & TV Personality
  • Jehangir Mehta, Mehtaphor
  • Grayson Schmitz, Oliver Cheng
  • James DiStefano, Rouge Tomate
  • Cricket Azima, The Creative Kitchen

This Family event to help combat childhood obesity by teaching about balanced food choices through hands-on cooking, sampling, and family-friendly activities and entertainment is all put together by The Creative Kitchen.

The Kids Food Festival is excited to support Cooking Light’s charity partner, FoodCorps, a nationwide team of service members who help kids build an enduring relationship with healthy food.

The Kids Food Festival is a celebration to educate families about making balanced food choices to help create wholesome lifelong eating habits for both kids and parents. The weekend-long event will offer a host of family-friendly activities including:

  • Cooking classes
  • Food demonstrations
  • Live entertainment
  • The Balanced Plate Scavenger Hunt for kids with goody bag prizes
  • Food sampling
  • Huge giveaways
  • Special appearances by Yo Gabba Gabba and Super Why! characters

Saturday & Sunday March 2nd & 3rd 10:00AM – 5:00PM
Citi Pond at Bryant Park, 42nd Street between 5th and 6th Avenues, New York, NY

The event is free and open to the public for General Admission. But you need to purchase tickets for the hands-on cooking classes in the James Beard Foundation Future Foodies Pavilion can be purchased at: http://bit.ly/KFFtickets ($25 per child & 1 Adult)

Check out our facebook post to enter to win a family 4 pack to Sunday 11am session Benjamin Towill from The Fat Radish making Banoffee Parfait.