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XBox 360 & Kinect with 2 games giveaway!

A few weeks ago I gave everyone a good scare (myself included) and as I tweeted from the hospital the King himself gave me a gift of an XBox 360 & Kinect, I was trying to win one just like everyone else. I cant wait! It’s by far the most popular video game gift of the season. ...  [ read more ]

Burger King goes bonkers over Kinect for XBox360

Do you follow the King? I sure do I’ve been following his cross country adventure ever since leaving NYC (which is when I started seeing his tumbr page and tweets flying about giving away 2 kinects per stop… All the time there’s this major promotion going on over at www.bkkinect.com you buy a whopper you get codes and every 15 minutes someone wins an xbox 360 and Kinect (if you hear the sound of drool its not only over the burger and fries its really the kinect). I great little hint is that there is a little link after you create your account to email yourself codes for free (its all part of that legal entry thingy). ...  [ read more ]