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Annie: Interview With Quvenzhane Wallis, Jamie Foxx, and Will Gluck!

interview-with-jamie-foxx-quvenzhane-wallis-will-gluck-1024x660Recently I had the privilege of sitting down with the cast of Annie to talk about the process of making the movie, and it was a blast! After our interview with Cameron Diaz and Bobby Cannavale, who play Miss Hannigan and Guy in Annie, respectively, we got to speak with Quvenzhane Wallis (Annie herself), Jamie Foxx (Will Stacks), and the film’s director Will Gluck! ...  [ read more ]

Annie: Interview With Bobby Cannavale and Cameron Diaz!

interview-with-cameron-diaz-bobby-cannavale-1024x682Recently I had the privilege of sitting down with the cast of Annie to talk about the process of making the movie, and it was a blast! First off, we got to speak with Cameron Diaz and Bobby Cannavale, who play Miss Hannigan and Guy in Annie, respectively.

We kicked the interview off with a pretty simple question: what was Cameron and Bobby’s favorite part of filming? Without a moment’s hesitation, they both answered “Easy Street!” The number, of course, is a classic part of Annie that lays out their characters’ scheme to exploit the reward for finding Annie’s birth parents by setting up a pair of actors to pose as her mom and dad and collect the money offered by Will Stacks. Bobby in particular seemed to have a lot of fun with the scene, revealing that though dancing “doesn’t come naturally” to him, he “did the part to do that number.” ...  [ read more ]

Annie: The Classic Comes to Life in A Whole New Way!

annie-2014The holiday hit of 2014 is here! Annie has been an American cultural icon since the musical’s first production in 1977 (and even longer before that, with the comic strip that serves as its inspiration beginning its run in 1924!) With classic songs like “Tomorrow,” “Hard Knock Life,” “Easy Street,” and “NYC,” Annie has undoubtedly left its mark on the Broadway scene, and it’s no stranger to the silver screen either– the musical has been adapted to film several times before, but never like this! ...  [ read more ]

Godspell returns to Broadway in this modern revival – Discount Code & Ticket Giveaway

Long before Wicked was on broadway there was Godspell by Stephen Schwartz.  Its a very interesting take on a what I would have imagined being a very slow and drama filled play… it was rather up beat and popcorn-y.  I will say being not so religious myself this was a little much for me in that area but it still held my attention and I could totally see many people really enjoying this show. ...  [ read more ]

Tomorrow Morning at the York Theatre Company Date Night Giveaway

A new show called Tomorrow Morning at the York Theatre Company.  Tomorrow Morning is a warmly sophisticated new musical about the coupling and uncoupling of relationships. Witty, moving and emotionally complex, it speaks to anyone who has ever fallen in or out of love. Tomorrow Morning has received previous productions in both London and Chicago and, in 2009, won Chicago’s Joseph Jefferson Award for Best Musical. ...  [ read more ]

The Broadway company of “Driving Miss Daisy” has announced that their Special Benefit Performance for The Actors Fund

It was just announced that this special Actors Fund performance will also be dedicated to Vanessa Redgrave’s siblings Lynnand Corin Redgrave who died last year.  This is definitely going to be a heartfelt remembrance with emotions running high for Vanessa, the cast and the audience. ...  [ read more ]

PaGAGnini at The New Victory Theater! – Win 4 Tickets for next weekend

Pagagnini is a sophisticated, thought-provoking, professional production, that is as artistically rich as it is entertaining.  NY Philharmonic meet Marx Brothers.  This  quartet of classically trained string musicians who open themselves to the world of physical comedy and slapstick, ready to jump, scream, dance, fall over and go crazy in the process.    Their music ranges from minuets to country western in the matter of a change in tempo.  The audience, made up of 6 to 60 year olds, is brought in to the action by the energy, antics and musical talent of the performers.  Want some culture wrapped in fun, go see Pagagnini. ...  [ read more ]