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Voice Originals: When In Rome is a board game you play with your ALEXA SPEAKER

Voice Originals: When In Rome is a board game you play with your ALEXA SPEAKER! Yep, you heard me right.  It’s a whole new way to play with and interact with Alexa. This game is so much fun and great for the whole family. My kids loved listening to Alexa ask the questions, and I’m not gonna lie, it got a little competitive in my house very quickly last night! ...  [ read more ]

Game time with YULU’s Safe Breaker and Break Free

Do you have a family game night? Do you kick the kids off minecraft when its time for a playdate? Are you just looking for something really entertaining for the kids to play with that arent electronic? If you answered yes to any of these questions then I’ve got something to talk to you about… way back at Toy Fair I saw this new company YULU they were putting out a few new games and I was really excited about a couple that I saw…. ...  [ read more ]

Great Holiday Gifts from ThinkFun Games

I love the holiday season… but over the last few years – its been very digital I’ve picked out some of the best board games from ThinkFun that I think your family would like as I know my family certainly has…

Compo-1600-HiResSpillCompose Yourself – The Lego of music, Compose Yourself uses a set of musical “building bricks” that encourages anyone with or without musical ability to “play with” music just as they would with a construction kit. The digital music game also includes access to an exclusive website to compose, share with friends and family, or download/print your own custom sheet music – featuring more than a billion melody combinations. (Ages 6+) Find it on Amazon.  ...  [ read more ]