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DaDa Rocks BlogHer NYC 2010

BlogHer is by far one of the largest social media events in the nation, it started with a primary focus “Her” the social media revolution was truly a women’s movement.  Sure, I heard such things as Dad is the new Mom (I laugh cause I think about the great SNL sketch where it was Black is the new bitch! [Link]) and of course I was asked (more then once) why do I feel like its proper that I would attend a women’s conference (this one usually I had a friend in earshot come over and assist with the defense and once or twice I just walked away). Stuff like that happens its life… its a new paradigm in the parenting social space where there was once just a handle full of dad bloggers over the last two years there have been an explosion.  Which I am part of… I clearly admit that this website is less then a year old, but the success that it has received in terms of viewership, readers, interactions is nothing but impressive. ...  [ read more ]