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Holiday Baby Gift Guide

The holidays are fast-approaching, and for those of us who still have babies in our families (or know those that do), it can be a bit of a hassle to sort through all the products out there and pick out a good present. Let us help you figure it all out– check out our top picks for baby gifts in 2014: ...  [ read more ]

Be the Parent… Be the Parent… na na na na na na na, na naaaaa

na na na na na na na, na naaaaa – some times parenthood just happens, sometimes its searched for, sometimes it needs a little assistance, sometimes its planned…  Yup planned thats what I’m working on now, I have the most amazing son who brings a smile to my face daily. Its become time to give him a little friend – <internal monolog: SWEET!> but my wife will cut me  if this one isnt a girl.  I’ve been a bit wishy-washy on this factor because boy or girl it doesnt matter but does it?  how many experiences would I miss out on by not having a girl – what happens? If I do get a lil girl then what atleast I’ve done it once with a boy – I tend to know what the bit and pieces do and how to take care of him…  It wasnt much of a conversation to stick with only having one child – but that thought crosses my mind all the time. What if we had just one child? would my son be missing out – would we? ...  [ read more ]

Win a 3 month supply of Huggies Diapers and tips on how to keep up with your little movers

One of the things you get really quickly when you have a baby is just how much work goes into taking care of them – you also never know just how many diapers you’ll go through in a given day.  Let me tell you – its A LOT! Here’s Laila Ali’s tips for how to keep up with your little ones. ...  [ read more ]

The Maclaren Beatles Yellow Submarine Stroller – Review and Giveaway

I’m a mega-super mega fan of The Beatles, I grew up listening to their music… I grew up going to their concerts (well the remaining beatles that is…) there wasn’t anything in the baby market of strollers that really was cool for Dad until I saw this… When the Maclaren first released the Beatles Yellow Submarine stroller [Amazon] I was drooling… I had an older Maclaren, that I put it through hell – I mean this stroller was abused – we took it around to EVO Conference in Salt Lake, to Texas, to Florida, to over place we drove – its still around being no worst for the wear.  So when I got this stroller and said go test it… I was like a kid in the candy store – I beat on this stroller beyond the normal use… Its even become the stroller I’ve used this winter pushing in to snow banks, sheets of ice and its still awesome! ...  [ read more ]